Mural project in Ballard brings color to boarded up shops

A group of artists will be busy bringing murals to Ballard in the coming week.

Ballard Alliance has organized a number of the artists that will be painting up the neighborhood. Mike Stewart, director of Ballard Alliance, says that once they started seeing businesses boarding up their windows to prevent theft, the Alliance started working on a program to transform the plywood boards into community art.

Nikki Frumkin painting at Ascent Outdoors. Photo courtesy Ascent Outdoors

“The intent of the program is to not only discourage graffiti and property damage, but to also brighten our Ballard storefronts with artwork and instill a sense of community spirit and hope during the midst of this crisis,” Stewart tells My Ballard.

There have been other artists reaching out to businesses directly to create murals— artist Josephine Rice painted the below mural at Venue, where she used to show her art.

“The goal was bright and color to cheer up the neighborhood in these odd times—to make a statement that we are not shut down, but coming back as soon as possible,” Rice tells My Ballard.

Photo: Josephine Rice

The Alliance has organized six artists to paint murals at 13 businesses, with donated paint and supplies from Cole Palea, owner of Novo Painting and Property Services.

The artists and respective businesses include:

Andrew Miller (IG- @mantisart77)

  • The Market Arms
  • Ballard Annex
  • Tractor Tavern

Katie Kulseth (IG – @achene.eye)

  • Camelion Design
  • Percy & Co.
  • Studio RA

Stevie Shao (IG – @stepfrae)

  • The Standard Goods
  • Hazlewood
  • Bitterroot BBQ

Taylor Reed (IG – @tay_reed)

  • KAVU

Tori Shao (IG – @torikinn)

  • A&Be Bridal Shop
  • Horseshoe

Nikki Frumkin (IG @drawntohighplaces)

  • Ascent Outdoors

The murals will be going up in the coming days; we’ll update with photos as we can.

Featured photo: Ascent Outdoors on Instagram

11 thoughts to “Mural project in Ballard brings color to boarded up shops”

  1. KIRO has the story. “Business burglaries DOUBLED so far during stay at home orders”. 104 reported, meaning there were many more, including what’s gone on since the original article. So you can put all the lipstick on this situation and pretend the criminals aren’t doing what they do. Go ahead. And daddy Inslee says gun stores aren’t “essential”. Now why would he go and do that?

  2. My daughter created a colage from pictures of the various murals. She originally thought she might sell a high resolution downloadable file for a few dollars as a way to make a bit of money and support the community.
    She was getting ready to head off on a trip when this all hit. and now finds herself back home instead. However someone pointed out some rather convoluted copy right laws that prohibit making money on mural images etc etc. so she will be making it available for free. Her intention all along was to give away the image for free to any of the artists that have their work depicted. At any rate,. you can see the image here:

    I would be happy to supply a link to the file when she has it up if you like it and would like a copy.

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