Tom Douglas’s Serious TakeOut opens today in Ballard

Today, Tom Douglas is kicking off his takeout-only restaurant in Ballard.

Located in his Ballard warehouse kitchen and Rub with Love headquarters (5118 14th Ave NW), Serious TakeOut is offering no-contact drive-in, walk-up, or delivery food and drinks from noon to 8pm everyday.

The menu mostly features pizzas and baked sandwiches, with to-go beer, wine, and cocktail kits.

The Serious pizza list includes pies such as the mozzarella di bufala with tomato sauce and fresh basil, a sweet fennel sausage with roasted peppers and provolone, and one topped with roasted seasonal mushrooms, crimini, and truffle cheese.

The oven-baked sandwiches are served on toasted baguettes with fillings that include a choice of fennel roasted pork, pickled vegetables, and parmesan fonduta; or wood grilled eggplant, pickled green tomatoes and peppers with parmesan fonduta.

If you’re craving a dessert, they have a sour cherry pie, or their Dahlia Bakery chocolate chunk cookie basket.

Their cocktails kits are robust, including the Carlile Boulevardier kit ($150 and makes 33 cocktails) including Redemption Rye, Averna Amaro, Campari, and orange for twisting. They also have a Lola Greek Martini kit ($65 and makes 16 cocktails) with your choice of Titos Vodka or Lewis and Clark Gin, Dry Vermouth, and feta-stuffed olives.

Tom Douglas plans to donate $1 of each order to Food Lifeline.

For the full menu and to place an order, visit the Serious TakeOut website.

Photo: Tom Douglas Restaurants

13 thoughts to “Tom Douglas’s Serious TakeOut opens today in Ballard”

  1. eh, i’d probably be more into supporting long time Ballard restaurants than “poor” ol’ tom douglas just moving in and setting up shop – after closing down everything else he had going on.

  2. Do any of the people who comment ever say anything positive? I think this is great, and I appreciate people like Tom Douglas trying new things during these crazy times.

    I also appreciate the people who run this blog for continuing to post information and never letting the relentless negativity of the comments deter them.

    1. I get it, disagreeing with you means others are idiots and fools. Tolerance, inclusion and diversity goes 2 ways pal. It includes alternative opinions/ideas and disagreement. AKA 1st amendment. Learn to cook and eat well and cheap for a lifetime. You know, teach a man to fish……..………………give him a fishing pole stuff.

  3. Looks great. This guy could probably just close down and ride out the pandemic, but he’s pivoting and keeping some people employed. Good for him.

  4. Did CNN and MSLSD come out and say due to C-19 stoves have become obsolete and non-functional?? Did I miss something here? LOL. Why the hell restaurants are “the chosen 1’s” I perhaps won’t ever understand. Umm, as anybody been able to get their hair cut? Dentist visits? What about trying to shop at Costco? Like paying a ton, having to drive out there, to only find a GIANT line just to get in, only to find there’s Jack left to buy, then wait again to check out??? Is Sawant talking of taking Costco over soon?

  5. I think Tom Douglas can fix this! I ordered my pizza online at 12:03 pm and was told to pick it up in 21 minutes. I arrived at the designated time and was chewed out by the staff person who said the app stated it was a 1:15 pick up some 50 minutes later . The app said the pizza was ready for pick up. I dutifully waited in my car and returned and was told it was just a couple minutes more. I waited another 10 minutes just standing around with a bunch of other folks who were getting cranky, waiting for my named to be called. I watched the staff person tell several folks it would just be a couple of minutes. I finally politely asked when my pizza would be ready and she said it would be a couple more minutes. I asked if the pizza was cooked and she said it was about to be put in the oven. I cancelled the order. I didn’t believe her.

    They are having startup problems. Tom Douglas’ food is exceptional. Everybody wants it. Perhaps waiting a bit to order or understanding that whenever it arrives, it is a blessing. Unfortunately I could not stand around any longer, just waiting. One guy was a bit late and the staff person said they sold the pizza to some else. If he wanted, they could make the pizza, it would only take a few minutes.

    This glitch will all be worked out. It just takes a bit more time. Ballard folks want this to work.

    1. Tom Douglas’s staff and restaurant are having start up problems. He has been preparing and selling food for decades. You were chumped.

      1. And so were the other 10 people standing on the sidewalk. Most had waited over an hour. 2 had waited a few minutes longer than me. I think the problem was with the online ordering. It seemed that the folks who ordered on site got their pizza much quicker.

    2. ” I arrived at the designated time and was chewed out by the staff person”

      my goodness, i can see why you want to give them your business

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