Burglars target Take 5 Urban Market, stealing cash and tablets

Take 5 Urban Market had a break-in on Tuesday night, in which the burglars stole the register drawer, four tablets, and some items of clothing.

Rebecca Rouleau from Take 5 shared news of the break-in on the My Ballard Group. The tablets that were taken were used for online orders; the clothes that were taken were a few vests, which Rouleau says she used to keep warm while working.

Despite the break-in, the shop is still open for business. They’re replacing the stolen items and their online ordering system is still operating.

“A special thank you to all of you that came by today with your kind words. I really appreciate as this violation is hard to stomach,” Rouleau said in her post.

If you have any information about the break-in, contact Seattle Police at 206-625-5011.

4 thoughts to “Burglars target Take 5 Urban Market, stealing cash and tablets”

  1. If the police catch these thieving bozos and arrest them they will be back on the streets in a day or too ! The city is to lenient on these thieving druggy thuggies ! This is very frustrating to the police that arrest these thugs ! and see them back on the streets so soon !

  2. I own a shop up the street on 8th ave. I had a window of mine smashed with a rock Tuesday or Wednesday night. They just reached through the window and grabbed stuff sitting nearby. Makes me wonder if it was the same people. It’s so annoying having this happen. Glad to see Take 5 is still doing ok. Wish them the best.

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