Help choose artist for more Ballard utility box beautification

The project to wrap Ballard’s downtown utility boxes is continuing, with two more boxes set to be wrapped in a local artist’s work later this year.

The Ballard Public Art Committee has narrowed it down to three potential artists, which will be voted on by the public through Facebook. To vote, go to Ballard Alliance’s Facebook page, and in the comment section of their post, comment with the number of the artist which you like best (1, 2, or 3).

Voting is open from today until May 6 at noon. Note that the below designs represent examples of the artists’ work, and are not the actual designs that would be wrapped on the utility boxes.

The two remaining boxes to be wrapped are at Ballard Commons and the near QFC at the corner of 24th Ave NW and NW 57th St.

5 thoughts to “Help choose artist for more Ballard utility box beautification”

  1. Ballard is all about diversity, why not allow each artist to have a couple boxes each? They’re all awesome, I say, let them all show off their talent!

    1. Totally agree, we shouldn’t allow these other artists to be underrepresented, especially if these choices are driven by our inherent biases in art appreciation. Why not each artist get’s one side of a box, or split a box into panels.

      Is there any downside to that?

      I’ll reveal my own inherent bias here, I like the flower pic at the top by Golden City.

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