Another utility box gets wrapped in Ballard

The project to beautify utility boxes in downtown Ballard continues this week, with another box wrapped at 17th Ave NW and NW Market St.

The artist for this box is Sarah Simon—aka The Mint Gardener. There are two more boxes to be wrapped before the end of the summer, according to the organizers, Ballard Alliance and the Ballard Public Art Committee.

The next boxes to be wrapped are at the southeast corner of Ballard Commons Park and at the corner of 24th Ave NW and NW 57th St.

You can learn more about the project here.

Photos: Ballard Alliance on Facebook

29 thoughts to “Another utility box gets wrapped in Ballard”

  1. Ballard Commons park! That’s my home. Yay! Can you put a 99.9 on it! That’s street for heroin 99.9% pure baby. Cooked and dealt at the Commons daily.
    Come to the Ballard Commons. Bring the kids. It safe except for snitches and bitches. Hahaha.

      1. Funny, looks like it says the next one will be the SE corner of Ballard Commons park. That’s my camp home!

        Here’s a song from the drug addicted mentally insane Commons residents to my neighbors:

        Who likes meth?
        I like meth
        Who likes meth?
        We like meth
        Who cooks meth?
        We cook meth
        Who likes meth?
        We like meth,
        Let’s have meth,
        Let’s have meth!
        Then let’s walk around Ballard panhandling!
        Then let’s yell for no reason at people on the sidewalk, yea!!
        Hep-A is A-OK,
        Hep-A is A-OK!

          1. Pretty sure it says the next one will be at SE corner of Ballard Commons park, aka. homelessville!
            Who likes meth,
            I like meth!
            Who likes meth,
            Let’s have meth!

    1. Funny. You sure complain about Commons Park a lot, but I never see you out there making a difference. This morning I picked up some pieces of trash and moved a garbage bag that’s been sitting for 2 days to a trash can. How much has your complaining helped the park?

      1. Thank you for picking up my trash and garbage. I have no intention of respecting public places of you don’t either. Why should I of you are going to enable it?
        Look, I’m just trying to inject heroin into my body and shoplift when needed. And of course I’ll refuse shelter and services, even in Hep-A, to support my addiction. I see no problem with this. By the way, you missed some trash on the SE corner.
        Thank you for defunding the police. Making me not shoplift and no more public urination. I’m so oppressed.
        So, I’m just going to stay here forever. Why not? It’s great. Free stuff from QFC, trash pickup, free food from St. Luke’s, drugs readily available, no police…

      2. So you admit there’s garbage sitting around then? And the city didn’t send out a crew? Hmmm. And you FINALLY picked that up? You are my hero. Tell us all right here what the exit strategy is for this mess of a park? Perhaps you can form a committee + begin a scheduled park scouring/clean-up. You know, lead the way. Show us your commitment. Because every day this goes on, the more comfortable many get with it. The more heroin and meth flow into this city. And the prosecutors have basically legalized these death camps by decriminalizing said drugs. Now they want to close the jails. And Inslee already set criminals free. You just can’t make this shit up. You’re right, we should just sit back and take in in the ass, again.

    2. Oh my. If you aren’t just the perfect example of the need to roll back Reagan’s tax cuts on the wealthy and restore mental health services, I don’t know what is!

      1. Or Seattle could use the $1+ BILLION dollars earmarked for homelessness for good instead of unrealistic solutions that exacerbate homelessness.

        Verse 2, a duet Truth. Let’s hit it!
        Me first:

        I like meth,
        I like crack,
        I like no rules and laying on my back,
        I like free bikes to sell for heroin,
        I like no rules,
        I like no accountability,
        I like free food,
        I like yelling profanity at 2 am to the Senior Center,
        I like meth,
        I like throwing my garbage anywhere and having it picked up
        I like Hepatitis A!!

        Your turn, here’s the lyrics for you:

        I (Truth) like ideology,
        I like virtue signals,
        I like NIMBY shaming,
        I like not knowing facts,
        I like not being a part of reality,
        I like solutions that do not involve helping the homeless,
        I like trash all over the Commons,
        I like defunding the police without a plan,
        I like ideas and thinking I’m compassionate even when they’re wrong,
        I like the homeless to be homeless!! Yea!

        Nice on Truth. You rock. Couldn’t lay around the Ballard Commons without your enablement. Thanks!

        1. I think we just figured out this Truth character is the stick guy; you know, the one walking around with the long tent poles, hitting the awnings of building and what not with them.

          1. Was that you chopping up bikes for heroin?
            See you added some more of your druggie friends. A few needles in the bushes this morning. Nice.

          2. No sir, that was probably a hallucination you experienced from your basement troll cave.

          3. You mean my heroin tent? And I’ve invited my other junkie friends. So there will be more Ballard Commons ex-convicts added to the mix. Thanks enablers!

          4. Good on you for making friends! Friends are one of the best things to help with your mental instability.

      2. Oh for Christs sakes buddy, Reagan is STILL living rent free in what left of your brains? Let’s talk about the $20-30 TRILLION given away from producers to the non-producers since LBJ’s “great society”. You do remember that, right pal? And when will just 1 of you tards step up and apologize and or say sorry for the mess Seattle, and many large cities, are today? Tell us about all those evil waskilly Wepubwicans permeating this region, marching, breaking windows wanting to defund cops + allow homeless drug addicts to roam our streets and steal things with little to zero fear of any laws etc. Instead of owning the mess, you must go back 40 freaking years. Has data daddy Jay said 1 GD word about the burning looting mayhem yet, and why not? Time to defund YOUR nannies, YOUR Tesla, YOUR home delivered everything.

    3. Went by the peoples park the other day. Dudes hanging, playing hakki sack, living THE life, on our dime. I then wondered, where are all these uppity women when we need them? What do they tell their kids, if they dare go there. Why are they NOT bitching and complaining? And they ARE all judgmental too. Even saw fuzzy headed guy that’s been around forever now. Seems this area is whack-a- mole heaven with tents everywhere. Nice job mayor. Nice job city council. Great voting record Ballard citizens. This IS what happens to an area with NO checks or balances. Liberals aren’t perfect, just forgiven.

      1. You got that right. Thanks for the free drug zone and tenting village. Or as the Seattle voters call-it, “a non-housed populated, housing village community led for the People supporting BLM and other causes that make white people feel good about themselves”.

        Come down and support our village!
        We’ve got bikes, bike parts, mailboxes, contents found in mailboxes, stolen delivered packages, random copper wire, drugs… you name it, we got it! All sales go directly to my heroin habit.
        Ballard Commons, anytime! We’ll always be here.

        Thanks Seattle! You make a drug trafficking convict wanted in 2 states feel pretty good about himself. I’m home.

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