Final utility box painted near QFC

The last of the utility boxes has been wrapped at the corner of NW 57th St and 24th Ave NW in Ballard.

Sarah Robbins designed the art on the final box, which features octopus tentacles and the Ballard Bridge.

There are now seven wrapped utility boxes along NW Market St and near Ballard Commons park, all designed by local artists. The project was organized by the Ballard Alliance and Ballard Public Art Committee.

Photo: Ballard Alliance

3 thoughts to “Final utility box painted near QFC”

  1. This makes me feel so warm + fuzzy. Makes me forget about the burn, loot, mayhem program already in progress. Makes me forget about the city council and what they are jamming down our throats. I wonder, will we soon see ACAB and defund the cops written all over these things? Such wonderful and lovely folks.

  2. In fact, this should be handled by a utility company, which will help beautify and erase all of these drawings, which essentially turn the neighborhood into something it does not understand. We, for example, already know where to find such a utility company is easy and simple, for example there is duke energy phone number and here you can call them, and the site itself visit them, so check it out!

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