Brown Bear to offer free car washes on Thursday for 63rd birthday

This Thursday, Aug. 27 is Brown Bear Car Wash‘s 63rd birthday, and the company will follow their yearly tradition of offering free car washes.

The free “Beary Clean” car washes will be available at each of their 27 tunnel locations, one of which is on 15th Ave NW in Ballard. The free washes will be offered from 8am to 8pm.

The Seattle-based car wash company, operating since 1957, has been doing their free birthday washes for 13 years. They also provide free washes for former and current service members on Veterans Day.

“With everything surrounding COVID-19, there will be some modifications this year, including the closure of vacuums to maintain social distancing during this busy day,” said CEO Victor Odermat. ”But we felt it was important to maintain this tradition and provide free washes to everyone in an effort to bring some normalcy during these challenging times.”

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