Lime launches e-scooters in Seattle today

Get ready for a Seattle e-scooter takeover: Lime launched its e-scooter fleet early this morning at their warehouse in Ballard.

Seattle recently approved the introduction of shared e-scooters, and gave the green light for a total of 1,500 scooters to be unleashed across the city. Three vendors are approved for the pilot program: along with Lime, LINK and Wheels are expected to deploy their scooters this fall.

Photo: SDOT/LINK, Wheels, and Lime

The scooter share pilot is launching with some safety measures; there’s a built-in speed limit cap of 8mph on people’s first ride, and 15mph for future rides. SDOT says they’re also “making a plan” to provide access to helmets for riders.

Lime will roll out 500 e-scooters today; you can access them through the Lime and Uber apps.

Featured photo: Lime

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