Ballard High student honored in Regional Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards

Gavin Bradler, a Ballard High School student, has received the Gold award in the Regional Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards.

The high school senior received the Gold title for the Media & Entertainment segment, presented by the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.

The Regional Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards is an educational grant program that honors exceptional Latino high school seniors. There are various categories and levels of awards in which students may place such as Business & Finance, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Technology, and more, each presented by top companies in those fields. Within each category, high schoolers may receive either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze award.

Each awardee receives grant funds for either their future education or to support a community project they are heading. The Hispanic Heritage Foundation offers these grants to acknowledge these students’ efforts, determination, and leadership in their schools and communities.

Bradler, the Ballard High Gold achiever, who identifies as a mixed descendent of Mexican, Filipino, and several European ethnicities, has shown his commitment to his education and community leadership in many ways. From volunteering for Ballard High School’s climate-policy action club, the Sunrise Movement hub, to his devotion to acting, this local senior student proves his deserving of the high honor from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

For more information on the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Youth Awards, please visit here.