King County Metro seeks feedback to plan service changes

King County Metro will be reassessing transit service this year, and they’re seeking community feedback via an online survey to help guide their decision-making.

Current ridership is still much lower than before the pandemic—Metro says they are operating at 85% of the service provided pre-COVID. Many route suspensions are still in place across the region due to low ridership and declined revenue this past year.

“Looking forward, public transit is at the heart of a successful recovery from the health and economic crises caused by COVID-19,” Metro says. “As our region recovers and daily, local travel increases, Metro plans to gradually restore transit service across the county.”

The online survey will help Metro determine service recovery in September 2021. The planned changes will be presented to Metro customers as part of their Route to Recovery.

Metro will also implement some service changes later this month as part of their adjustments that happen twice per year. On March 20, route revisions will come to routes 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 13, 36, 49, 50, 60, 106, 128, 132. Changes have been made based on ridership trends, loss of revenue reports, equity considerations, and impacts of the long-term closure of the West Seattle Bridge.

While service is limited and the pandemic remains a concern, Metro has the following guidelines in place for riders:

  • Masks are required
  • Reduced or suspended service on some routes
  • Passenger limits
  • Some seats/areas are blocked off
  • Fare collection resumes on Oct. 1

To take the survey, click here. The survey will be available for another week, concluding on March 12, 2021.