Speed limits dropping on sections of Aurora Ave N

The City has rolled out lower speed limits on a number of state routes that go through Seattle, including sections of Aurora Ave N.

SDOT is in the process of dropping speeds on Aurora, Marginal Way, Sand Point Way, Lake City Way, and N-NE 145th Streets throughout March and April thanks to funding from the Levy to Move Seattle.

On Aurora between N. 85th St and N. 109th St, you can expect to see speed limits drop from 35mph down to 30mph by mid-April. Further north on Aurora, speeds will lower from 40mph to 35 mph between N. 115th St and N. 145th St.

Dropping speeds on state routes and other arterials around the city is part Seattle’s efforts to reduce crashes and traffic-related deaths. The project to lower speeds is in partnership with WSDOT, and builds on the ongoing work for the Vision Zero initiative.

Along with the new state route speeds, SDOT has also lowered speeds to 25 mph on most major arterials in Seattle. A total of 415 miles of city streets saw their speed limits change, with 2,500 new speed limit signs distributed throughout the city.

The lowered speeds on state routes including the following: State Route 523 (NE 145th St), State Route 522 (Lake City Way NE), State Route 513 (Sand Point Way NE, NE 45th St, and Montlake Blvd NE), and State Route 99 (Aurora Ave N, E Marginal Way, and W Marginal Way). 

To read more about the changes on state routes in Seattle, visit SDOT’s blog.

Photo: SDOT