Live-fire training in West Woodland Nov. 2-4

A live-fire training is taking place in West Woodland today through Thursday as part of the Seattle Fire Department’s new firefighter recruit training.

The live fire will be burning from Nov. 2 through 4 at 847 NW 57th St. SFD days the training allows new fire recruits to work with officers and face real fire scenarios in a controlled setting.

“This experience is vital to the development of new recruits as these fires act as a final evaluation of what they have learned over the past 13 weeks of training and focus on fire attack, teamwork, and communication,” SFD writes on the Fireline Blog.

SFD does this training twice per year in the city, and takes several precautions to keep other homes safe in the process. Local streets will be closed, and firefighters will help direct access to that block for residents in the area. Water in the vicinity may turn brown due to sediment in the pipes, which SFD says should clear in two to eight hours.

“We recognize that this training exercise may present inconveniences to your daily schedules and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Our firefighters are among the best in the nation because of the training we are able to provide and because of the support we receive from our community.”

Each day, SFD will have four or five “fire evolutions” spread throughout the day, with each lasting about 15-20 minutes. SFD says to expect to see smoke as controlled burns are set inside the vacant home.

SFD removes all carpet, plastics, and toxic synthetic materials along with required asbestos abatement prior to the controlled burns. The fires are set using wood in a controlled method with safety officers on hand throughout the training.

Neighbors are welcome to come and watch the live-fire training, SFD days. Typical training days begin around 7 a.m. with the live-fire training starting at 9 a.m. and lasting until around 3:30 p.m.

Photo: A previous SFD live-fire training event | SFD on Twitter