On-street parking rates in Ballard increase

The cost for on-street parking in many parts of Seattle has just increased, including in several parts of Ballard.

The Seattle Department of Transportation adjusts on-street parking fees seasonally based on “real-world parking usage data and seasonal trends,” SDOT wrote in a blog post. The rate changes come three times a year on average; in spring, summer, and fall.

SDOT says that with more people going to work, shop, dine, and resume other activities, the demand for parking has increased. Most of the changes are to afternoon and evening parking rates.

Below are the parking rate changes for Ballard (rates in bold have increased).

Paid Parking AreaMorningAfternoonEvening
Ballard Core$0.50$1.50$1.00
Ballard Edge$0.50$1.00$1.50
Ballard Locks$0.50$1.50$1.50

SDOT made a total of 48 adjustments to parking rates in 27 different parts of the city. Many areas saw an increase, while rates in Seattle’s downtown commercial core retail zone dropped to $0.50 per hour in the morning. However, rates in parts of Denny Triangle jumped to $4 per hour based on very high demand.

For the full list of parking rate changes, visit this website.