On the brink of closure, Cycle Dogs launches GoFundMe to stay open

The vegan restaurant Cycle Dogs has started a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to help keep its doors open.

Cycle Dogs started as a food truck and opened in the former No Bones Beach Club location at 5410 17th Ave NW in May 2021. Since they opened, they’ve had a number of financial setbacks that owner Keaton Tucker says have cost an estimated $144,000.

“Becky and I have put every penny we have into this. We’ve collected what we could via insurance, but we’re just too overwhelmed,” Tucker wrote on Instagram. “We’ve decided to launch a GoFundMe (link in bio) to help get us out in front of these repair costs.”

The thing is, Tucker says, sales have been great. “Our growth is right on target,” he wrote. “We believe we have a lot more to offer. And we believe we can expand on our mission to give back to our community.”

Their goal is $35,000, and as of Monday afternoon, they’ve raised $17,767.

“This is our last push,” another recent post read. “If we don’t meet the GoFundMe goal, Cycle Dogs will close.”

Photo: Cycle Dogs