Construction and paving on Ballard Bridge and 15th Ave to begin later this year

The paving project to repair 15th Ave and the Ballard Bridge is nearing design completion and is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2023.

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) says they’ve consistently heard from residents about the need for more pedestrian and bike improvements to connect the east and west side of 15th Ave W and NW between W Emerson St and NW 58th St. “This led us to look at our designs to see what better pedestrian improvements we can make while we repave the street,” the department shared in an update.

The design plan is at 90% completion and includes the following (from SDOT):

  • Paving 15th Ave W/NW from W Emerson to NW 57th St including the fixed portions of the Ballard Bridge 
  • Installing new sidewalks, driveways, and stormwater drainage in select locations
  • Upgrading all non-compliant curb ramps to be ADA compliant
  • Installing curb ramps at all east-west crossings
  • Updating pedestrian crosswalk signs and pavement markings with new paint at existing crossing locations along 15th Ave W/NW
  • Planting new trees and replacing old trees with new ones in selected areas
  • Installing new or expanded tree pits
  • Installing red “bus only” lane markings on existing transit lanes on northbound 15th Ave NW between NW 52nd St and NW Market St
  • Replacing bridge expansion joints
  • Improving seismic resiliency by strengthening the Leary Way Bridge (located just north of the Ballard Bridge)

SDOT says the project team is working on the final design with pedestrian improvements and expects to share the completed design in spring.

Images courtesy SDOT