Sheriff’s detective injured in Ballard shooting and standoff

Update Wednesday, March 22: The person who was found deceased in the Ballard shooting on Monday died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to the findings from the King County Medical Examiner’s Office. Officials identified them as 29-year-old Eucytus Eucytus.

The deputy that was shot has been identified as David Easterly. He remains in critical but stable condition in the ICU at Harborview Medical Center.

3:30 p.m.: Meeghan Black, Public Information Officer with Bellevue Police Department, tells My Ballard that the deputy who was shot is now in stable condition at Harborview.

Black says the deputy and two other detectives—all part of the King County Sheriff Office’s Civil Division—were serving the person an eviction notice when gunfire was exchanged*. The detective who was shot was wearing a safety vest but sustained a gunshot wound in his upper torso. The other two detectives returned fire, and the suspect retreated inside the home.

After about a two-hour standoff, the suspect was found deceased inside the apartment.**

Update 2:15 p.m.: Seattle Police say the shooting occurred when the officer arrived at a home to serve an eviction notice. The officer remains in critical condition at Harborview.

King 5 reports that the suspect was found deceased after barricading inside the home.

We’ll update with any new information.

Original: Dozens of police officers descended on Ballard this morning after a detective with the King County Sheriff’s Office was shot near NW Market St. and 8th Ave. NW. Seattle PD said the detective was transported to the hospital in stable condition.

The suspect is currently barricaded near 8th Ave. NW and NW 54th St. Residents are advised to stay out of the area. Market St. is closed to all traffic. Bus route 44 has been rerouted. A SWAT team is on scene.

It’s unclear what led to the shooting of the deputy.

*The original update stated that the suspect opened fire, but the investigation is still ongoing and it’s unclear who fired their weapon first.

**A previous update incorrectly identified the deceased person as male.

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