On-street parking rates raised in downtown Ballard

The City has raised the on-street parking rate for parts of Ballard as part of its seasonal updates.

The increase is based on street parking data that SDOT collected and analyzed in January.

The rates in the Ballard core have risen by $1 for both the afternoon and evening; it’s now $3.50 to park in the afternoon and $3 in the evenings.

The edge of Ballard downtown also saw a $1 increase for both afternoons and evenings; it’s now $2 to park in the afternoons and $2.50 for evenings.

Parking at the Ballard Locks remains the same (50 cents in the morning and afternoons, free in the evenings).

The interactive map below shows afternoon rates in Ballard, with Ballard edge in blue and Ballard core in yellow.

SDOT says parking rates increased in two-thirds of places around the city, with the largest increase being $1 per hour.

Photo: SDOT