Car runs into the side of the Ballard Library

Update: Library spokesperson Bennett Barr says the accident happened at 1:50. p.m. when the car hit a parked vehicle, lost control, and hit the library. The car damaged the meeting room and knocked some books off the shelves in the children’s area.*

No one was in the library meeting room or the children’s area at the time of the crash. The library will continue to stay open, but the meeting room will be closed until further notice.

Barr says the car has been removed and they’ve secured the building and are weather-proofing the hole where the car entered the building. No word yet on the cost of damages.

Original: A small car smashed into the Ballard Library today.

Seattle Police say the driver was experiencing a medical emergency when they lost control and collided with the outside of the library’s meeting room. No one was injured in the crash, and Seattle Fire responded to provide medical treatment to the driver.

The library remains open today despite the incident, however, the car damaged the library’s meeting room which will require repairs.

*A previous version of the story stated that the children’s area was damaged when it in fact was not.