Korean takeout restaurant Bapshim opens at WeRo in Ballard

The Korean restaurant WeRo (5210 Ballard Ave) has added a takeout addition called Bapshim to the back of its location in downtown Ballard.

WeRo Chef/owner Wes Yoo tells My Ballard that Bapshim is primarily a takeout spot for lunch with outdoor seating. Yoo says they serve customizable rice bowls you can build with “Korean-inspired proteins.”

Bapshim means “rice power” in Korean. According to the website, “the term is frequently used to colloquially say “Koreans run on rice” or 한국인은 밥심이다!”

While it’s just a takeout spot for now, Yoo plans to transform it into a Korean market. “We’re working on having things like bottled housemade sauces, meal kits, prepped banchan, and more. Your support is crucial to speed up this process,” Yoo writes on the website.

Bapshim has a dedicated entrance at the back of WeRo on 20th Ave NW. It’s open Tuesday to Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is closed on Mondays.