Interbay safe RV parking lot location could turn into a 20-court pickleball facility

The empty lot that was once home to Brown Bear Car Wash at 3435 15th Ave W in Interbay could become a new pickleball facility.

As we reported earlier this spring, the land has been designated as the city’s first sanctioned parking lot for people living in recreational vehicles known as Salmon Bay Village. Managed by LIHI, it’s supposed to serve 40-50 people experiencing homelessness.

The property owner has had various plans over the years to build apartments on the land, but the latest scheme is for a 50,000-square-foot, two-story pickleball facility.

According to the land use application, the facility would hold 20 to 22 pickleball courts, bathrooms, community gathering spaces, and up to 46 parking spots. There would be 10 to 12 indoor courts and the rest would be outdoor courts on a roof deck.

No word yet on how that would impact the Salmon Bay Village plans, but we’ll update you with any new information.