Recent crash-and-grabs target Dockside Cannabis and BevMo in Ballard

There have been a few recent crash-and-grabs in Ballard in the past couple of weeks targeting a cannabis store and a liquor store that happen to be right across the street from one another.

On Monday, burglars driving a stolen Kia drove through Dockside Cannabis‘s (4601 Leary Way NW) storefront at 4 a.m. According to employees, it’s the seventh time they’ve had this kind of break in the past year.

BevMo (850 NW 45th St) across the street from Dockside has also been a target of crash-and-grab burglaries: The Ballard liquor store was hit twice in one week. A store manager told KOMO that they believed it was the same suspects both times because the burglars took the same brand of alcohol in each incident.

Police are still investigating all three incidents and there are no arrests so far.