Used bookstore Ballard Books opening soon on 20th Ave NW

A new bookstore is coming to the neighborhood: Ballard Books is opening soon at 5416 20th Ave NW.

Owner Nils Dickmann, says opening a bookstore has always been a dream of his.

Dickmann tells My Ballard that the space has been a store or book-related shop since 1946. Ballard Books is taking over the former John Michael Lang Fine Books (now at 2442 NW Market Street, PMB 266).

“The last tenant – a bookseller friend of mine – moved out earlier in the year and I decided to keep the space occupied with books and finally open my own bookstore which has been a lifelong dream,” Dickmann wrote in an email to My Ballard.

Ballard Books sells used books, offering a curated collection of “interesting, unusual, and rare books,” Dickmann said.

“I have loved, appreciated, collected, and dealt with books since I was 10 or 11,” Dickmann said. “Until recently however I mostly earned a living in the Timber industry – so I know a lot about wood….and books and am making this my primary focus now.”

Ballard Books will open its doors to the public in the coming weeks; you can check up on their progress on their website.

Photos courtesy Nils Dickmann