Magnolia Playfield could be gaining a new skate park

The Magnolia Playfield (2518 34th Ave W) could be getting a new skate park.

The Magnolia Community Center Advisory Council is hosting two upcoming meetings at the Discovery Park Visitor Center (3801 Discovery Park Blvd) to kickstart dialogue for the plan. The first meeting is scheduled for Feb. 24 at 1 p.m., with a follow-up scheduled for March 23.

They’ve also created an online survey to gain feedback ahead of the February meeting.

The advisory council is working with Grindline Skateparks for design concepts for a “cast-in-place” concrete skate park. Cast-in-place means pouring concrete directly into features; Grindline has done other cast-in-place skateparks around the country, including several in Seattle.

As Magnolia Voice reports, the design would cover 1,500 square feet (smaller than the Ballard Commons skatepark) and would cater to beginners and intermediate skaters.

The Magnolia Community Center is utilizing a $5,000 Seattle Neighborhood Matching Funds grant to fund the upcoming events.

The Feb. 24 meeting will focus primarily on hearing from residents about the features they’d like to see in the park, while the March 23 meeting will compile and discuss ideas received.