Ballard High School cheer team takes home two national championships

The Ballard High cheerleaders have a lot to celebrate: The cheer team took home two victories in February’s USA Spirit Nationals.

The BHS cheerleaders won in two categories in the championships in Anaheim, CA on Feb. 17: Game Day (aka Crowdleader) and Band Chant divisions.

“This double victory is a testament to the team’s hard work, dedication, and the exceptional leadership from both the coaching staff and team captains,” BHS cheer outreach coordinator Brandi Mattila told My Ballard in an email.

Team Captains Annika Hulet & Hannah Mattila

The USA Spirit Nationals are an annual competition with the country’s top high school cheer teams.

Head coach Amber Torres and assistant coaches Alex Baker and Maddy Kereszturi guided the team this year.

Coaches Alex Baker, Amber Torres, & Maddy Kereszturi

“Winning a national championship title is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement,” Torres said.

“Multiply that by two and it’s even more unbelievable. The work, dedication, and discipline, from athletes and coaches, to get to this place is unimaginable. In order to get to this place, you need to buy-in to all of it, eat, sleep, and breathe cheer, be ALL IN! I’m so very proud of my program, athletes, and coaching staff for this inaugural win.”