The Singing Barber loses over $12k in barber tools after recent break-in

The Ballard-based Singing Barber (5500 8th Ave NW) has just lost $12,000 in tools after a break-in on March 9.

The locally owned barbershop is fundraising to replace what was taken—this is the second time in under a year that they’ve sustained a break-in.

“We suffered a harder loss this time around,” owner Demarkis Wigfall wrote in a letter to customers.

“By no means are we leaving the neighborhood, but this is definitely a turning point for considering the future of my role in ownership in Ballard.”

The stolen items include $9,000 worth of scissors and shears, $3,000 worth of clippers, and $500 worth of blow dryers. Other damages include a broken door and locks.

Ashley Schoenberger, a hairstylist at The Singing Barber, launched a GoFundMe campaign to help them replace the stolen items. The goal was set at $12,000; as of Tuesday afternoon, the campaign has raised $17,653 from 224 funders.

“On another note, I would like to address the community of Ballard,” Wigfall wrote. “I have appreciated my time here and the warmth of most of the people who have walked through the doors and those I have met on the streets.

“There are those who don’t want anyone like me to be there and that is part of the problem of the world at large. We must be able to exist in this world together or it will come to an end.

“We must give each other grace and greet each other passing by and not let fear nor hatred get to us. It will erode the civility and we then are just like any other animal fighting for survival in a land of scarcity.”