Mysterious late-night air siren puzzles West Woodland residents

For the past several weeks, an air siren has been waking up residents in the West Woodland area of Ballard.

The source of the air siren is still a mystery. Residents say it goes off three to five times per night, but it’s not clear where the siren originates or why it’s going off at odd hours.

Several My Ballard readers have reached out describing the sounds, which reader Skoi says “sounds like a tornado/tsunami warning or air raid siren.

“It’s a two-minute long loud high-pitched siren that literally has no place going off around here in the middle of the night,” Skoi wrote in an email to My Ballard.

Another reader, Alex, theorized that it might be coming from a business. “We have no idea what it is, but it most likely seems like something the (likely business) owner is not aware of,” Alex wrote.

Several Reddit threads have popped up reporting the same siren. One thread has a video of the siren, with the poster describing it going off since the last week of February. “Another video of the ongoing random and annoying AF air raid siren heard around the West Woodland Brewery District,” they wrote.

My Ballard has reached out to Seattle Police to learn whether they had answers, but SPD says they haven’t received any reports or complaints and so have not investigated.

If you have any information about the air siren, email us at