Recession Sparks Entrepreneurialism in Ballard

By Aislyn Greene and Krista Staudinger
Updated June 30, 2010

Despite the recession, a recent survey of small businesses in Ballard revealed that more than 20 entrepreneurs have opened their doors within the past two years. After overcoming the initial hurdle of securing both capital and affordable leases, new business owners now face the larger challenge of surviving in a tough economy.

Reporters Aislyn Greene and Krista Staudinger enter the business world to discover how these entrepreneurs hope to win the hearts – and wallets – of Ballard locals.

Audio Slideshow

Watch the audio slideshow for interviews with Ballard entrepreneurs, and browse the interactive timeline below to view Ballard store openings and closures over the past year.

Timeline: Business Openings and Closures

Check out the flipbook, list and map views, too! You can click on each business for a pop-up box with more features and information. On the bottom of the timeline, the “+” symbol represents more dates of businesses activity. To view these dates, you can click directly on the “+” or zoom in and out to view using the arrow cursor on the left side of the timeline.

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