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Spenser Millard, Kellen Jones and Mike Turner lost their lives in a tragic accident on Market St. early Easter morning. All three were Ballard High graduates and well-known by many in our small, tight-knit community.

We’ve set up this page as an online memorial to post your memories, sympathies and words of encouragement for families and friends. Please post in comments below:

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  1. I never knew any of these guys, but my heart goes out to their families and their memories. The outpouring of the community shows that they will not be forgotten. Rest in peace fellas.

  2. To the families involved in this tragic loss I send my heartflet condolences.

    I learned this afternoon that 2 of my BHS classmates lost a cousin….I cannot imagine thier pain.

    I'll be thinking about all the families involved in the coming weeks.

    Beth – BHS class of 77 alum

  3. These were good kids! My heart goes out to all the families, but I know the Millards. Debbie, Dennis and Brandon.. I cannot even imagine your pain. My prayer go out to you!! All of you!

  4. I'm a friend of the Millard Family, and I just want to give my condolensces to his parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. My prayers are with your family.


  5. My condolences to the parents who lost their children, siblings who lost a brother, and the many family members and friends who lost a loved one.

    I read this updated news just before I headed up to tuck my very young children into bed. As I hugged my car-loving five-year old tonight and told him I love him as I tucked him into bed, my heart just aches for you. As I watched him, asleep, I was thinking about you, the parents of these young men. And I just wish that you find some comfort and purpose, and anchor, in the people who are here now. I am so terribly sorry for your loss and will keep you in my thoughts.

  6. To the families and friends of these young people: May you find comfort and hope in the love of family and friends, in good memories shared…and may they rest in God's welcoming and merciful embrace.

  7. Our sons are BHS graduates ('06 and '09) and they are stunned by this tragic accident, as we parents are. We remember in particular Kellen and his family from school and fun Ballard Little League days, but our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with all three families and friends and extended Ballard “village”. We feel like your kids were our kids too and we mourn with you this incredible loss.

  8. One of these boys is my cousins son. Please be respectfull to the families and realize this is a parents worst nightmare. These are very young men who LOVED muscle cars, whatever the circumstances are the families need your compassion for thier loss. Imagine losing your heart, your life, your soul…that is what a child is to a parent. Please keep this in mind when posting your comments, this is a memorial message board, a place for the families to come and read touching stories of their kids or for compassion and support. God Bless

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Kellen Jones, Spenser Millard, and Mike Turner. My sons, Taylor (2007) and Sean (2009) went to school with these 3 young men and they played baseball with them for many years together. We have wonderful memories of those little league and Ballard Baseball days. I spent nearly 2 hours at the memorial last night talking with parents, friends, and family of these kids. I felt the love and pain of all the people gathered around last night, holding hands as someone said a prayer for the boys and their families. Ballard is a strong, tight community and we all feel this loss deeply. As a parent of 2 boys who grew up with these kids, my heart aches for these parents. I cannot begin to imagine your pain. These are good, good kids and such a tragic, senseless loss.

  10. I graduated with these boys, have had classes with all of them at one point or another. They were all wonderful in their own ways. Reguardless of who I knew better I will miss them all, as will the entire class of '08 and many other people. To each of the families I wish peace and comfort. I will never forget any of the precious memories I shared with your sons. Rest in peace Bobo(Kellen), Spenser, and Mike, you will never be forgotten.

  11. I suggest a few added safeguards we can try to have implemented as a result of this tragedy:

    1) Make sure that every high school kid attending Ballard High School for the next 10+ years sees details of this accident as a deterrent to them doing the same. It's one thing to have pictures of nameless folks in some city somewhere be killed through carelessness, quite another when we can have vivid pictures of our neighbors paying the ultimate price.

    2) Have Ballard investigate and implement speed sensors in different parts of the city that automatically send police information when there is someone speeding. I think the technology is there such that a picture/license plate can be instantly sent to the officers on duty within seconds of the car passing a camera.

    3) Increase insurance rates for teens driving high performance cars.

    4) Use today's technology to stop this insanity. Software can be installed on a widely-available Android phone such that if a child's phone is turned off OR is more than 500 feet from the child's car OR is found speeding at more than 10mph of the local speed limit then the car's engine is disabled for 15 minutes. This would make it very difficult to circumvent the speeding issue. Best of all, modules could be installed in one's vehicle which could be used to prove to insurance companies that you are a safe driver so that your insurance rates can be lowered significantly!

    5) We can find a way to allow police to use video/camera footage as the basis for arrests. For instance, if I see the person in front of me swerving then I can send the footage and information to the police and have that information used in the arrest. Currently I've been told by police that the police have to witness the crime(s) in person in order for an arrest to be made.

  12. Being a Ballard '08 graduate and a friend of these guys my heart goes out to the families involved. They were amazing men and never failed to make me laugh. They made high school fun and exciting. I had many classes with all three and continue to keep those joyous memories in my heart. Spenser was always there to make me feel apart of everything even though I wasn't in his close circle of friends. He had the biggest heart and treated everyone with respect. Whenever I would return to Seattle from college out of state, he would always be ready to see me with open arms. I will miss him dearly.

  13. I am very sorry to hear about this tragic accident.

    I am a local Ballard resident and after talking to the community members, I have become aware that the owner of the vehicle who lost his life, was involved in another car accident at 4am last month. It was a hit and run incident where several vehicles were struck, alcohol and illegal substances were involved.

    My heart goes out to these families in their time of mourning but we must come together as a community to make sure we do not loose another young member of our community. Underage drinking and driving at all, let alone drag car racing should not be condoned or accepted.

  14. Knowing the loss of a son, my heart grieves with these families. Take one day at a time, know that your son loved life and would want you to continue to love life, and allow yourself tears at odd times even years down the road. We will never know why. Love your loved ones and cherish your memories because that is all we really have in life. Yvonne Snell

  15. I don't know anyone remotely connected to this horrific accident. I moved to Seattle from NYC just a year ago. I just want to express my sympathy.I have two young children (1 and 3) and each time I read an update my heart literally aches and tears well in my eyes. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that your anguish will eventually subside and I pray for your strength through this most difficult time.

    Hang in there. From reading everything here, no doubt they all knew they were tremendously loved.


  16. Mike, comments from people like you make me happy. I coached one one the boys in baseball and my son was good friends with Spenser and Kellen. Actually he was home from spring break and spent most of his time with Spenser. My gut just reaked to think that he could have been in that car. I grew up in the 70's with muscile cars. I loved them! I made some really bad choices as a 19-20 year old kid. I made it through barely. This for me has been one of the sadest days of my life. These were good kids that made a mistake. Anyone out there that is judging them probably never made one. (Not) I want to thank you for your comments they were very sincere. Mike B

  17. My heart goes out to the family and friends of these young men. I am the mother on an '09 graduate, who knew all three; I only know Kellen's family. My thoughts and prayers are with them all at this sad time. This is a tragic loss for all their families, friends and the Ballard community in general. I hope the families can take the love and support from their loved ones and the community to help them through this difficult time.

    “The song is ended, but the melody lingers on…”
    Irving Berlin

  18. In my recent comment there was something I missed and I feel bad about it. There was a young girl that was also kiled and should be remembered with our boys. Although we don't know her she deserves as much respect as them. My heart goes out to her family. MB

  19. At 5:00 PM, KOMO news reported in an online story that the young woman “…is an exchange student named “Ashlyn” [and] is fighting for her life.” Does anyone know if the young woman is still alive?

    I am so sorry for your loses. My thoughts are with all of you who mourn the loss of these young people.

  20. I remember before every football game Kellen would bring in the CD player, blast the music as loud as possible, and play Crazy Train by Ozzy. I loved being around them all, so many memories that will never be forgotten with all of them.

  21. From what I just heard the girl in the accident was taken off life support systems. Megan_112 confirmed that she had died this morning. Very sad

  22. I've looked online and watched the local news and have not seen anything that says the girl has passed. All reports seem to say she's still in the ICU and in critical condition. If Megan_112 knows otherwise, it isn't from local news sources.

  23. I would like to add that I had a chance to meet, Spenser last summer, when he came down, with Warren to clean up the incredible mess we always make after three days of cooking the Ballard Chamber of Commerce Salmon Dinner at the Ballard Seafood Fest. I was impressed by his work ethic, his sense of humor and his charm. He had the whole site cleaned up and loaded in the truck in a matter of minutes, with a smile on his face, and before he left, asked if there was anything else we needed. I couldn't help but think how lucky Warren was to have such a polite hard working young man to work for him. What a huge loss to his family.

    Warren has been a huge part of our lives and the Ballard Community for years, with his support of so many things from Little League to the fishing fleet. There are really no words to help fill this void. May God's abiding love help to surround Warren, his family and the family and friends of all of the victims of this tragedy

  24. The streets of Ballard are not a race track! Although Mike Turner really loved cars, he also was very dangerous with them. It was only a matter of time before something this tragic happened. Considering he was involved in a drunk driving accident less than a month ago, that completely totaled 2 cars and damaged 4 others, its a shame he didn't learn his lesson then. He and his friends have been treating the streets of Ballard as their personal racetrack for years. Life is a fragile gift and can not be treated with negligence. I wish that this didn't happen, but I hope this serves as a serious lesson to all concerning the preciousness of life.

  25. I was as straight as an arrow at that age and still made some big mistakes. We all did. Most of us are lucky and make it past that crazy time of life. I'm doing my best to raise my kids “right” (whatever that is) and yet I know they will make mistakes too. I do not judge these young men or their families. I grieve for them.

    My heart aches for these kids' families, friends, and for all they will miss in life.

    Boring straight girl

  26. I lost my son Tristan in May of 2008 to a tragic car accident while he was attending college in Los Angeles. He was a 2007 graduate from Ingraham , but had many friends in Ballard.
    I know first hand about the pain and despair that such a tragedy brings into one's life and my heart goes out to the parents of these 3 young men.

  27. Spencer was awesome and everytime I saw him I got a smile and a hello. I was never really close to him but still mourn his loss and am praying for the families and closer friends.

  28. I graduated from BHS is 07, I played football with Kelen “Bobo” Jones and Spencer for 3 plus years (including little league). These guys were great characters and both had the ability to lift people up to higher standards. I will always remember Spencer as a happy guy. Everytime I saw him he had a smile on his face and spread his arms for a hug, a very huggible guy I might add. I will truly miss him. Bobo was a driven man. I remember my senior year of football when he demanded that we aim higher, and that we should strive for nothing short of a perfect season, we laughed him off and went 2-7 Well his senior year Ballard went 6-4 (or something like that) and made the playoffs. I was not as familiar with Mike, but I remember him as a overall kind person. Ballard has lost three great sons, I just hope that we can learn from this tragedy.

  29. I was one of the people who arrived on the accident scene that morning. It is not easy knowing there was very little I could do to save anyone. The young girl Ashlynn from what I know is still fighting for her life at Harborview. I visited the site and saw the memorial formed there around the sign that the car struck. It was difficult to see the many beer cans and bottles that were laid out as if that brought any honor to way any of these young men lived or died. I saw a woman take the cans away and throw them in the trash. I don't know who she was, but I could see how much it hurt her to see that.

    If you want to honor Mike, Kellen, Spenser or Ashlynn…do it by insisting that their deaths will count and will be a sacrifice that will make a difference in your life. Let it be a memorial that years from now, their parents, siblings and friends can know that their boys lived a life and died a death that made a lasting difference.

    And please pray for Ashlynn!

  30. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. May your sons be looking down upon you and know how much they are loved. Please remember all the wonderful memories you have with them. That is one thing that can never be taken away. We are here to help in anyway…now or whenever you need us.

  31. I wanted to give an update on Ashlynn, who is the teenage girl that was critically injured in this crash and rushed to Harborview.

    Despite the odds and the magnitude of her injuries, she seems to be improving significantly and was supposed to have her feeding tube removed yesterday. This is a beautiful and awesome girl who will need the support of friends, family, doctors and your prayers as she starts the road to recovery and makes sense of what happened to her and her friends. From my understanding she was very good friends with Bobo and Spenser.

  32. I wanted to give an update on Ashlynn, who is the teenage girl that was critically injured in this crash and rushed to Harborview.

    Despite the odds and the magnitude of her injuries, she seems to be improving significantly and was supposed to have her feeding tube removed yesterday. This is a beautiful and awesome girl who will need the support of friends, family, doctors and your prayers as she starts the road to recovery and makes sense of what happened to her and her friends. From my understanding she was very good friends with Bobo and Spenser.

  33. Spenser, we only knew you briefly. We knew your gentle smile and light heartedness and looked forward to growth and change ahead. You left us too soon.

    Help your family heal and make sence of the senseless… From Heaven, speak to them. Send them your best memories to help them focus on how you lived, not how you left.

    Lift their spirits and make it OK for them to go through their days ahead with purpose and joy.

    Tell them that you are OK and help them through the inevitable stages of grief they must now pass through. Hold their hands and pull them along when they get stuck and the gray clouds feel like they will never pass.

    Ask God to make the flowers they pass smell just that much sweeter, bird calls they hear, that much more whimsical. Their time left here, more appreciated than most of us will ever know.

    Whisper to them as they lie asleep, that this was your time and there was nothing they did or didn't do that will change that…and that the same things that bring us together can tear us apart when the answers don't come. Remind them that the truest measure of love and strength is how we handle the unthinkable and that the bonds may be tested, but will not be broken…

    Spenser, we only knew you briefly… but we know you will do this

    Love Charlie & Chris

  34. For Spencer….from Taylor Rush, Dee Rush and Joe Saldin. Your hug contagious smile and gentle nature show through in all our memories and photo's of you. We will carry your strengths through life and attribute them to you…..thanks for all you've provided and we will hold you forever in our hearts.

  35. For Spencer and his family….from Taylor Rush, Dee Rush and Joe Saldin. Spencer, you always where sweet and polite since kindergarten, when we first encountered you. Your contagious smile and care for all of your friends, show through, as your stronger traits. We will hold your memory close and live life, in your rememberance and contributions to others. Our hearts go out to your family…..

  36. To the parents of Spencer, Kellen and Mike,
    My daughter was in the Ballard class of 2008 and though she was not a close friend of your sons, I somehow feel connected. I'm sure I saw your sons on the football field, at school when I volunteered, or certainly at graduation. I can't begin to imagine what you are feeling as you try to comprehend this heartbreaking loss. I extend my warmest sympathy and compassion to you and your families. Wishing you peace and comfort…

  37. My deepest sympathy goes out to the families of these young men. Ive known Spencer since the day he was born. I know he was a wonderful young man as well as the other two Im sure were. This was such a tradgety. They all touched peoples lives and now there gone from us. Let their memories live on and drive safe out there. I miss you Spencer..

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