Enter to get some popular Zoo Doo

The annual Spring Fecal Fest is here again. The popular Zoo Doo has been piling up and the “Prince of Poo” is ready to get rid of the “most exotic and highly prized compost in the Pacific Northwest,” as the zoo calls it. Photo courtesy Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo To enter for a chance to […]

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Even the animals celebrate Valentines Day

Determined to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the animals of the Woodland Park Zoo, a crowd of hearty Washingtonians scoffed at the wind and rain last Saturday to watch animals share Valentine’s Day-themed treats like heart-shaped boxes filled with fruit, heart-shaped fruit wreaths and heart-shaped ice pops.

The annual event is what’s called “thematic enrichment,” according to zoo spokesperson Gigi Allianic. “Enrichment is the process of creating a challenging environment to address an animal’s social, psychological and physical needs,” Allianic said. She added that such events contribute to successful breeding of endangered species in captivity and connecting zoo visitors to the animals. “It’s an opportunity for visitors to learn about behavioral enrichment,” Allianic said.

Allianic said themed events are not only a great way for visitors to learn about the zoo’s animals, but is also an important part of caring for the animals. “It reinforces natural behavior such as exploring and foraging and is a part of the daily care program,” Allianic said.

While Valentine’s Day at the zoo is a hit with heart-shaped treats being fed to the animals, Allianic said it’s not the only event that draws a crowd. The zoo offers other events on Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Second penguin dies at zoo

A second penguin has died at the new Humboldt Penguin exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo. According to a press release sent out today, 21-year-old “Burkles” died Tuesday night from complications related to a possible case of avian malaria. The bird had been undergoing intensive treatment, including a blood transfusion, since the onset of the […]

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Penguins to be auctioned off Friday

Those penguins that have been “marching” around Seattle are going to be auctioned off. The 30 penguins, including the “Dorothy Parker Penguin” that Laura Bee Designs created, have been migrating through north Seattle for more than two months. This Friday during the monthly Art Up Greenwood-Phinney art walk, the Greenwood Collective (8537 Greenwood Ave N, […]

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Penguins start their march today

The colorful, creative and bedazzled penguins start their march today toward the Woodland Park Zoo. Back in April the zoo did a “call for artists” to dress up 22-inch fabricated penguins in honor of the new Humboldt Penguin exhibit. Today, more than 50 penguins will start migrating from the Seattle Center through Ballard, Fremont, Greenwood […]

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Patas monkey dies at Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo staff euthanized T.C., a 14-year-old male patas monkey, following a “sudden and severe decline in health due to congestive heart failure.” Patas monkeys can live 15 to 20 years in the wild and more than 20 years in zoos. “The degree of heart failure was severe and the quality of this monkey’s […]

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