More low snow on the way?

The forecast is calling for one to four inches of snow in Seattle today. It’s supposed to begin falling around sunrise, even at sea level. This one sounds a lot more significant than the Christmas Day dusting. If it happens, we’ll drive around the neighborhood, shoot some photos and post them right here.

Update at 9 a.m.: It’s not snowing yet here in Ballard. Although the forecast is still calling for one to two inches by midday or so.

Update at noon: Still no snow, but the TV meteorologists say it could still happen later this afternoon. Hmph.

Update at 8 p.m.: Not a flake. Fooled again!

New condo looks like ‘sprawling octopus’

The Northwest Design Review Board got its first look at Market Street Landing, an eight-story condo planned for the spot where the boarded-up Denny’s now stands. And they didn’t like it. The board criticized the design for lacking a Ballard character, especially since it would be located on the “gateway corner” to Ballard, on 15th and Market. It looks like a “sprawling octopus,” said the board’s chair. “I don’t see Ballard in there at all,” said another board member.

The board has asked for the developers to make some changes and come back for another review. Meanwhile, the battle still rages over whether the old Denny’s should be given a landmark status, which could threaten the project. Seattle’s Landmark Preservation Board meets on January 2nd to consider it.

A little Christmas snow

It started around noon as a rain-snow mix. Then at 1 p.m., it changed to snow. And a half-hour later, it began to stick around our Ballard home. So we jumped in the SUV with the camera and ran up to Phinney Ridge.

The snow is sticking on the roadways.

Woodland Park Zoo looks like a winter wonderland.

Near 8th Ave. on the Ballard side (can’t remember exactly where).

Then as soon as we drove west of 15th Ave., the snow stopped. Barely a flake on the ground at Market and Ballard. Meanwhile, in “Upper Ballard” and Phinney Ridge, the snow is still falling (as of 2:45 p.m.) But the forecast says it should be turning to rain by later this afternoon.

Update at 3:15: It looks like the snow has stopped falling.

Shopping rush clogs supermarkets

I made the mistake of driving down to Ballard Market this afternoon (3 p.m. on Christmas Eve), the epicenter of last-minute grocery shopping. The market’s small parking lot was packed, and people were trying to parallel park in both directions down that narrow road just to the north of the store.

But Ballard drivers are a polite bunch, so no road rage to report.

‘’ signs sprouting up

You’ve probably seen those signs around Seattle, but now signs are sprouting up around our neighborhood. (I’ll save you the trouble of visiting the site — it’s just a long form asking for all your personal information with the promise of meeting “quality single men and women” in Ballard.) Anyway, I looked around and couldn’t find any other Seattle neighborhood with the same site. No Well, obviously. Everyone knows that Ballard is the hoppin’ place for Seattle singles (actually, sort of, it is).