8 comments on “India Bistro”

  1. I'm so happy there is an Indian restaurant in Ballard. We go as often as we can. Food's wonderful.

  2. This place has quickly become one of our favorites! Good service, food, location and atmosphere!

  3. Nice guys, but I was surprised how mild everything was even though I ordered a Vindaloo. I spoke with the owner and he told me he had worked in both Manchester and London, as well as Channai, so was a little surprised at how 'americanized' (really a gravy and not a spicy curry) the food was.
    Saying all this though my wife loves the place. I guess I was just spoilt in the UK and India.

  4. This place used to have a really great buffet, and then that went bad. It also had really great dinner, but then that went bad to. Can’t believe they served me frozen veggie mix with my shrimp.

  5. The Indian Bistro is excellent cuisine, distinctively spiced- it’s not just about the heat. Soothing decor & nan that I crave.  The fish tikka is divine.  Best Indian food in Seattle, consistently.

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