Shots heard near Market and 28th

MyBallard reader SB wrote us Saturday morning:

Any information on the gunshots at 1:25 a.m. this morning? In the vicinity of Market Ave & 28th Ave. N.W. a series of 4 to 5 shots were fired. A police cruiser showed up about 10 minutes later from Market Ave. traveling westbound and turned north onto 28th Ave. N.W. and then east on 56th St. That was the only law enforcement activity we saw. Just thought this was odd since this is normally a very quiet and peaceful area.

We did some checking but came up empty. Anyone else hear/see anything?

Update: SB said he spoke with Seattle Police after finding five 40-caliber shell casings in the street later this morning. He said police told him that they don’t believe anyone was hit, and they’re investigating the incident as possibly connected to other shots fired in the north end last night.

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