Christmas tree lots open for business

It’s that time of the year, and Christmas tree lots have sprung up around Ballard.

Troop 100 of the Boy Scouts are up and running in the St. Alphonsus church parking lot, a Ballard tradition for the last 50 years.

It’s also one the most popular lots in the neighborhood.

And there’s also Jimmy Wild’s lot next to Top Banana, also an annual tradition. Other suggestions for good local places to buy a tree?

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One thought to “Christmas tree lots open for business”

  1. I doubt that you'll find a homophobe in an urban Seattle scout troop. Being involved with scouting these days is a bit like continuing to identify as Catholic even when you think the mother organization is messed up and wrong-headed. Just because a bunch of schmucks are currently at the top doesn't mean the core ideas are bad (“do unto others, etc” for Catholics, and the Scout Law for boy scouts).

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