Anita’s (Crepes)
4350 Leary Way NW (map)
(206) 838-9997 “Changing the lineup of crepes every day, Ross doesn’t go wild with the fillings—a crepe with soy-ginger chicken is as exotic as she gets—but she puts an amazing amount of care into them.” “The bistro features an extensive, rotating menu of crepes, both savory and sweet.”

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2 comments on “Anita’s”

  1. Anita's changed the menu and the food was GREAT! They had half-off wine on Monday and Tuesdays. The price was really reasonable given that we had an appetizer, crepe, bottle of wine & dessert. Would definitely return. Great place to relax and have a nice dinner.

  2. So how much was your bill? What changed about the acutal crepes? Im fine with half off wine-but I go to a crepe place to have an awesome crepe-not a bottle of wine…just curious Thanks, Chris

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