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  1. Bugs in my soup. I can understand one bug, maybe even two, as it's sometimes hard to get every little aphid washed off a bunch of cilantro. But these were not aphids. They were very large winged insects, like winged ants. First there was one. I scooped it out of the broth nonchalantly and put it on my plate. But, there's another one. And another one. And as my eyes adjusted I realized my bowl was full of them. I looked around the restaurant at all the people eating, and briefly considered jumping up and shouting at everyone to stop eating. But, I'm a Seattleite. What can I say?

    I called the cashier's attention to my predicament. She seemed unconcerned. Truly. Unconcerned. I walked out, never to return.

    Now, when I walk by and see the splattered walls, the dirty windows, and the filthy inside window ledges, I nearly gag. Actually, I usually walk on the other side of the street now.

  2. The Pho here is better than average, I like how they give you creme puffs as well:) The service isnt the best, sometimes i feel like its due to a language barrier. I walked in alone one night not knowing they were about to close in 15 minutes… they told me they were only serving pairs of people, so I double checked to make sure i understood them and asked if “I needed a partner”.. they replied yes and wouldn't seat or serve me. I probably should have made a stink about it… but im not one for public scenes. They should have just said it was almost closing time and I would have understood

  3. See… Isn't that messed up that u “need” a partner to eat Pho with?? So what if u ordered two bowls of Pho and u went by urself…..Would they serve u?

  4. probably not.. reason i still go here is because its right down the street from where i live. im waiting for another pho place to open nearby. Last week I brought my friend from out of town there and she asked for chicken broth instead of beef… they asked her “why you not want beef, allergic?” and she just said it was a preference. im pretty sure they gave her beef anyways and wanted to make sure someone wouldn't die in their restaurant.

  5. THE WORST PHO!. I have had nothing but terrible service and bad Pho at Than Brothers. I work in the ID so I get to eat what Pho should be and this isn't it. There broth is bland (probably from powder) the meat quality is poor at best and the noodles come as a brick in your bowl. My table has been cleaned off on me twice while I was taking my daughter to the bathroom before we finished our meal with leaving our coats and other items at the table and just given a shoulder shrug as an apology (no discount or refund). I have had the celephane wrap from the meat in my bowl and the kids that work their have no customer service skills AT ALL! Need I go on. I will never return.

  6. Love the food, eat there at least once a week, the staff could learn to smile, I really am a little uncomfortable tipping there even though I do it anyway, they are popular, they often are in a rush, I’m fine with all of that, but they really don’t know a thing about making their customers comfortable.

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