8 thoughts to “Sopranos Pizza & Pasta”

  1. I love the food, it's great. I only do take-out or delivery though, waitresses are beyond rude. The one time I ate there, the waitress spilled a glass of water in my lap on accident and just walked away without apologizing or saying anything…she then proceeded to sit in a back booth and make out with her boyfriend/husband.

  2. Got 2 pizzas & salad delivered from here last Saturday night. It was good, as usual but the delivery guy was extremely surly, hardly said a word, not even a 'thanks' for my tip ($3.50–around my usual amount).

    Then to make a already not-so-happy customer actually PO'd, he threw the crumpled up receipt and coupon I had handed him out on my walkway.

    what is up with that? It'll be a long time before I call them again, Apparently their lousy in restaurant service extends to delivery as well

  3. My wife and I've ordered out from this place several times and the service has never been consistent. My wife noted that their female employees reminded her of the stereotypically crude and rude New Jersey girls (we've lived in NYC and NJ for a decade, btw) she dealt with regularly.

    Great selection of pizzas, decent toppings–but incredibly bland crust. I give 2 stars for service and 3 for pizza.

  4. Your review has nothing to do with the restaurant product or service. It is just an incredibly offensive and politically incorrect remark about the servers' nationality. I'm a customer and the girls are very nice, pleasant and hard-working.

  5. To put it bluntly, this place is terrible.

    Rude service, greasy bland pizza, and they cannot even make a decent caprese salad. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but whether dine in or take-out (do not trust the delivery) the food was incredibly bad.

    The only reason they're still in business is that they're probably laundering money for Eastern European organized crime. (Don't let the Italian thing fool you — no one who works there is near Italian.)

  6. Great family place. My kids and I have been going to Sopranos for years now and it’s by far the kids favorite place. Don’t get the bad service comments…Mimi and Victoria are wonderful and greet us by name every time we visit. The food is hearty and delicious with large portions and really affordable. Think Bucca DiBeppo with better ingredients.

    For all the negative service commenters. The servers are Eastern European. Don’t know that much about the culture they come from but they are not UW cheerleaders…they are nice very thoughtful people who are attentive, consistent, and who have treated my family very well for years.

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