Another economic casualty: ‘All the Kings Flags’

In December, All the Kings Flags on Market St. told us they would close after the holidays unless business picked up. Unfortunately, holiday shoppers didn’t provide enough of a boost, and the store is closing at the end of the month.

“It’s unfortunate,” store manager Alex White told “Ballard has changed for, in my opinion, the worse as far as for local business and working-wage people, as far as these condos and stuff.” All the Kings Flags joins a growing list of Ballard businesses closing their doors: Mandrakes, Annabelle’s, Austin Cantina, The Station (may be temporary), Crown Hill Bistro, Bella’s Boutique and Patty Pan Grill. (Thanks Gordy for the link.)

While Ballardites are spending less, this is certainly a good time to remind everyone to please make an extra effort to Buy in Ballard, which pumps much-needed money back into our community.

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