Building replacing Sunset Bowl gets green light

After a two hour meeting, the Design Review Board unanimously approved the design (.pdf) for Avalon Ballard, the 233-unit apartment building replacing Sunset Bowl at Market St. and 14th Ave. NW.

Board members praised AvalonBay Communities and Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects for incorporating many changes from the last Design Review meeting. But the board set four conditions on approval.

“To me, the biggest issue is the west facade,” said board member Mark Brands of the patterns on the west side facing 15th Ave. The same sentiment was reflected in public comments. “It looked like the project is due tomorrow,” said Cynthia, a neighbor who lives nearby. She asked for “something a little more subtle,” suggesting the architects commission a mural or bring in a graphic artist. The board set a condition requiring that AvalonBay tone down the pattern using a warmer, more subtle texture. Other conditions included adding a stoop on the north side, enhancing the northeast corner and softening the parapet.

As part of the project, AvalonBay will bring a bike lane, landscaped median and wider sidewalk area along 14th Ave. in front of the building. They said they’ve been working with SDOT and the 14th Ave. NW Visioning Project.

This is the entrance to the courtyard, off Market St. across from Safeway. After the meeting, we spoke with AvalonBay Development Director Derek Bottles about financing for the project given the economy. “It’s a little different because we’re a public company,” he said, declining to estimate when the building may be built. “We’re at the mercy of the economy like everyone else.” About 20 people attending the meeting, and Bottles said he has been reading the comments here on My Ballard for feedback about the development.

65 comments on “Building replacing Sunset Bowl gets green light”

  1. It reminds me of the Swedish Cultural thingie on Dexter for some raisin.

    Only because I didn't have a blog to post to when it went up, can I now just finally, officislly scream in pain over the hideous Walgreens? We crossed our fingers that it would be something look-at-able. But Bleah. I still am so pissed off at whoever designed/planned that eyesore.

  2. I'm beginning to think you're a joke again…I mean, you've had so many different names”

    * The
    * Susan
    * Ballard Tribune Double Standar
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    * Ballard hippy tea girl
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    * Rockabilly Posers are as bad
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    * Take back our streets
    * The End Of Ballard

  3. Can we ban Silent Kit and his slanderous lies of that gentleman? His pro drug stance is wearing thin and making this unpleasant for everyone. He is mentally ill. I know him in real life. He is on SSI for mental problems.

    Silence Kit

    Ballard is not even your neighborhood. What do you need to be the star of a nieghborhood blog for that is not even yours? Go onto your own neighborhood blog and let the adults solve the issues here. When do you leave for your own country again? Afganastan for the heroin poppies farming, if I recall correctly…

    Your a troll and Liar. Stay on topic and Let others speak for once. Its not the Silentkit blog

  4. To The End of Ballard-
    Seems like you know a lot of stuff except how to spell “front”. Sorry I couldn't help myself.

  5. All part of the master plan to turn Ballard into a slum as quickly as possible.

    Plans are moving along nicely, aren't they?

  6. Silence Kit is off to go play with her friends someplace else soon. The adults will have to deal with the mess she left behind. Probably not the first time.

  7. It's really not that bad at all. Check out the PDF and get a look at the finishes and materials.
    The part that people have been objecting to is the large wall on the West side that doesn't have windows because they expect the neighboring property to be eventually developed.

  8. I generally don't agree with silence.kit too often, but I have to point out that in the same post that you are asking to ban silencekit, you've assumed yet another alias to back yourself up. (kindly old woman, take back our streets, and the end of ballard are all the same person) and then you accuse silence of being mentally ill and on SSI for mental problems, a troll, and a liar. If anything was going to get anyone banned I think you're behaviour is closer to the mark.
    Pick one alias and stick with it so we know who we're talking to without having to hit your icon and 'view profile' every time.

  9. This is what I'm talking about. You're just screwing with people. You probably don't even believe the things you're typing. Well done.

  10. Looks like just another big apartment building, in the drive to make Seattle as ugly as possible. My children won't be able to live in the city that they were born in, so it's just as well. If it interesting, old and unique in Seattle, count on it being destroyed for a condo or apartment complex. Only the 1950's provided uglier architecture than the schlock being “thrown up” in Ballard.

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