New outdoor seating in Ballard

Just in time for the sun, several Ballard eateries have opened outdoor seating areas. The deck to the right is at La Carta de Oaxaca on Ballard Ave. We’re told it has a peek-a-boo view of the Ship Canal and heating for those cooler days and evenings we’ve been having. The long communal table can be reserved.

Honore, the French bakery at 14th & 70th, is taking advantage of the sunshine. They opened this small patio in back a few weeks ago.

Given Honore’s limited seating inside and their popularity, people we talked to are excited about this. And as we’ve reported, Hamburger Harry’s on Market has applied for sidewalk seating, so stay tuned for that.

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7 thoughts to “New outdoor seating in Ballard”

  1. oooooo –

    I live a block from Honore and this is very exciting news.

    Also, that deck for Oaxaca looks very interesting – good luck getting a seat out there!

  2. Lombardi's has had outdoor seating for a while but is not allowed to serve alcohol. Last time I was there, I think the server told me that they would get their license on May 1.

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