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  1. I absolutely love the halibut tacos and the guacamole is fresh. Keep in mind this is an adventure in cuisine, not americanized mexican food. This former Texan is thrilled to have La Carta within walking distance!

  2. I love it when someone prefaces a comment by stating where they've livee and then declaring themselves an expert on a topic only to completely lose all credibility by making a suggestion that's so off the mark I'd think it's a troll.

    Gordito's over La Carta as authentic Mexican?
    well played, troll. Well played.

  3. I got a late dinner there last night and it was amazing! The mole was delicious, the guacamole was fresh and flavorful, and I loved getting to choose several salsas from the salsa bar. Great service also. I will definitely go back!

  4. Maria, Gorditos is the worst Mexican food in Seattle. It's bland and awful! I've eaten at La Carta many times over the past few years and I've never had anything there that's greasy. The food at La Carta is flavorful and it's one of the best Mexican restaurants in Seattle. The family that works there is obviously Mexican and I'm certain the food is authentic.

  5. If you're looking for a large quantity of Mexican food like you get at Azteca that's covered with low grade cheese then La Carta is not the place for you. If you're looking for flavorful authentic Mexican food then you'll find it at La Carta.

    I've gone to La Carta many times over the past few years and I've had great service and meals there on most every time.

  6. I've been searching for the perfect mole for awhile, and this place has it. I took my skeptical boyfriend here and now it's one of his favorite restaurants. The servings may look small, but I'm completely full after one serving of the chicken mole. Plus, when most restaurants charge over $10 per plate, this is a nice change.

  7. I've been twice and both times the food was rather bland. Both times were in the middle of the Friday night madness. We did have to order an extra shared plate to fill up near the end of the meal, but that's cause we were downing those crazy strong margaritas. I don't care how authentic something is, I look for food that is stunning. I miss both the fusion fare of Border Grill in Santa Monica and the Lolitas and La Posta of my childhood in San Diego…I can go either way, as long as it is yummy. Perhaps the third time will be the charm, if I make it back to Oaxaca.

  8. Our food took so long to get to our table that it was already old and stale and tasted of grease. Or maybe it was just cooked and tastes that way normally. Hard to say.

    Unpleasant atmosphere. Dirty.

  9. Went there last night with 2 others. One of us ordered a margarita at the end of the meal and was telling us about a recent trauma. Meanwhile the servers started getting frustrated that we were occupying the table. They came over every 2 minutes asking if we wanted anything else, finally came over and literally started banging on the table with their fist. The one of us who speaks Spanish flipped it on to tell them to knock it off. They threatened that if we didn’t leave within 5 minutes they were calling the police! Hello! Yes, there were a few folks waiting (there always are), but it was Tuesday night and our bill (we had already paid with the tip, dammit) was $80. Also all of the servers involved were men and we were three women. Needless to say the 3 of us are never going back, and will be telling everyone we know.

  10. Only white people in ballard would pay this much money for taco truck food. seriously people. i mean its good, but not $10-$15 for 3 tiny taco's good.

  11. The dishes are tappas and they are inexpensive and some of the tastiest I have ever eaten. If you want huge gobs of rice and beans, then go to Azteca for that kind of mush.

  12. THE best Mexican I have had. I started going here almost three years ago when I moved to the neighborhood from a receommendation from a neighbor. I thank him for that suggestion. The mole is so flavorful and just the right amount. Everything is done well. I like the noisy, communial atmosphere. Where else can you go to get hand made torillas!!

  13. Best Mexican food ever. Visiting Ballard for the 1st time and my nephew wanted to take us to his favorite eaterys.This was the 1st and the best!

  14. after waiting on line for almost an hour we were given table outside which was fine..after we ordered we were brought a dish that we didn’t order and waitstaff refused to take back. When our food finally arrived, it was cold and tasteless chicken mole dish..We requested silverware and napkins never came …We had to stuff the mole into cold tortillas..In short the Service and Food was just awful…My husband and I are officianados of Mexican Food having lived in Mexico and frequest Mexican restaurants from Colorado, Texas, California and Washington not known for its Mexican Food…Try Senior Moose instead never disappointed.

  15. Definitely not your typical Mexican place. You won’t find your typical burrito or enchiladas here. This place is a regional mexican cuisine restaurant. Expect a different experience. You may have to order more food than what you may be accustomed to at a typical Mexican restaurant to get that “stuffed” feeling.

    I’ve been here a number of times in the past year, and definitely recommend it. I think the only issue is the wait time, but with a popular place, that’s to be expected. Usual wait time, 40 minutes.

  16. Super disappointed. It was highly touted by a family member but maybe this was from years ago. Slow service, small portions, over-priced. We actually left hungry and we are small eaters. Sadly we will not return.

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