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  1. It's my new fave! I've been here twice in the last week for dinner. Flavors to live for, service friendly and frequent. Only a couple of drawbacks — getting in and it's a tad noisy.

  2. I have to chuckle when I read some of the comments about Moose. I guess a lot of people grew up on Taco Bell, and to them that's Mexican food.

    Senor Moose has finally brought Seattle a taste of Mexico, not just border Mexican food. You can explore the cuisine of Mexico City (which incorporates food from all over Mexico), Chiapas, Veracruz, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca, Michoacan, and many other regions of Mexico. The food is prepared fresh (check out the roasted peppers on the way to the restroom), and is as authentic by region as it comes in this town. Let's hope they inspire other Mexican restaurants to move away from the Azteca formula.

  3. Did they clean that kitchen and scary passage way to the bathroom? It's a Department Health nightmare waiting to happen last year when I went there.

  4. The long wait is not worth it. It was not kid friendly and the service was poor. The food was okay but not nearly as good as El Camino. Drive to Fremont instead!

  5. The food is good…but more of a white person trying to do mexican kind of way. However the food is VERY overpriced for what it is. I mean, how much can you charge for some eggs, black beans and flimsy corn tortillas? Mexican food is actually one of the cheapest to produce in the restaurant industry. $15+ for a small plate of breakfast food…please. You can fool the rest of the yuppie crowd in this neighborhood – but not me! you want real mexican food? go to 3rd and 85th.

  6. As 5 plus year Ballard residents that looove breakfast, this is definitely a favorite of ours. Obviously it helps if you like Mexican food! Very authentic Yucatan selections and taste. Haven't been here for dinner (don't really go out for dinner much) but plan on trying it. Due to limited seating, you will usually have a short wait any day of the week (referring to breakfast/brunch still-in the 10:30a to 1p range) , but certainly worth it!

  7. great service. walked right in on a friday night and was seated right away! it was real mexican food and a good time. i would for sure go back!

  8. Have been three times for breakfast now. Service is uniformly terrible. Telling the waitress that your order is incorrect is met with a vacant stare. Not worth the wait, honestly, even though the food is delicious. Will do takeout next time.

  9. I used to eat here frequently. My last experience was so awful, however, I don’t think I can bring myself to ever go back. Had the mole with beef… the meat was fatty, gristly and worst of all, green on the outside, Raw in the middle. I spent the next 24 hours paying for those first few bites. Boooo Senor Moose!

  10. I had added this restaurant on my favorites list and whenever a friend was visiting I’d suggest Senor Moose for sure in my suggestions for a place to eat.

    After about two years a friend and I had lunch there and quite frankly neither of us liked our meals, mine was too dry and hers she said tasted weird, like the spices were added too heavily.

    This happened twice more so I didn’t go there for about six months. But the good memories came back one day and back to Senior Moose I go. This time I got I think it was a Mole Chicken dish, OMG it was awful, it was a huge amount of Mole and almost no chicken but what was worse is it tasted like yesterdays leftovers, I complained about the excessive bitterness of the sauce (yes I know it’s supposed to have some bitterness – remember, I used to eat there often) and the waitress just shrugged her shoulders and mumbled something. I left about 90% of the meal on the plate, paid $16.00 plus on the way out and typed up a seething report on my facebook page as well as informing all my foodie friends. This is the second worst meal I have had in my neighborhood of Ballard.

    And I might add, I can only remember having two “bad” meals anywhere in Ballard in many years. I love the food and food choices in Ballard so this I found really frustrating.

  11. I have been a long time patron of this joint. We went for dinner last nite & the enchiladas de puyo (my favorite) came out cold in the middle. I had to send them back (which I NEVER do anywhere), as I did so, the close talking d’bag at the new bar in back (very cool new addition – the bar, not the d’bag) tried to tell me that’s how the dish was. Ok, first back up at least 24″ from my face & second, I have been ordering this dish longer than he has worked there. He then proceeded to offer me another dish – I guess last nite they weren’t capable of throwing the thing in the oven for 7 minutes & bringing back out to me. Disappointing, but I will still go back at least one more time. Oh yeah, beware the plant in your face if you sit in the new back bar. C’mon Senor Moose, tighten up! Moi bien!!! heh heh.

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