Bikini espresso stand to open on 15th

A new espresso stand plans to open next month in the parking lot of the 76 gas station at NW 58th and 15th Ave NW.

We spoke with the owner, Mike Rockey, who says “Knotty Bodies Espresso” will have girls in lingerie and bikinis serving Java Java Coffee. He says that this will be a “classy” espresso stand and won’t have girls in pasties or other revealing clothing. “You see more at the beach than what you’re going to see here,” he told us. He says more than 200 people responded to his Craigslist ad for the five open positions. He knows that these stands can get some bad press, and he understands that they’re not for everyone. He says that if you don’t like what it’s about, you can always go elsewhere for your coffee. The espresso stand is scheduled to open the middle of July, and he plans on doing a car wash in August to raise money for Children’s Hospital.

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  1. Catholic and Sane — thank you for your comment. I think you're the one person here who understands responsible parenting. Regardless of where a pinup coffee stand stand is, it's up to us as parents to provide appropriate education to our children about what they see in the world. I have a young son and my husband and I take great pains every day to educate him about the world he lives in. Mostly, we seek to teach him tolerance and understanding for others — that people can love who they want, dress how they want, live how they want — so that he can, hopefully, grow up to be an enlightened person. Oh, and by the way, both of his parents work what would be defined by many as “blue collar” jobs, so we are out in the world every day.

    What makes America a great place is that we don't legislate what kind of businesses can operate based on one group's religious/moral/other definition of what's appropriate. Whether or not some of the people on this board agree, it is a free society — and in a free society, one encounters things that one agrees with, and not. We all have a choice to decide and believe what we want. I believe that the women that work in that coffee stand want to be there based on their own beliefs about the world — and that they are right with the universe. It's not up to me to define appropriate for them. As a consumer, I decide to vote with my wallet — so if they have a screamin' deal on coffee, and it feels okay to me, I'll go — or not.

    Long live freedom of choice, right?

  2. Put bums in bikinis on bicycles on the Burke trail and it'd be 300 posts for sure. In fact, I'd be willing to pay to see that, maybe Myballard can sponsor.

  3. Would there even be strippers it wasn't for the Catholic church? Seems like these two institutions need each other like fungus needs damp.

  4. Andrea, issues with Cheerleaders seems to be a recurring theme with you. Did you know that the BHS cheerlleaders took third in State this year and have the highest grade point average of any sport team at BHS.

  5. At Verite it's the cupcakes that are the culprit. I wouldn't be able to fit out the door after a few weeks or working there.

  6. I think having a bikini espresso bar across the street from school will not negate powerful lessons of self-esteem that a child learns at home. Chances are, the kids won't even SEE the girls in the espresso stand, but they learn a lot by watching how their parents act toward each other and towards other people. I don't think that something as innocuous as an espresso stand with girls in bikinis could ever damage a child's self-esteem or concept of self if they are getting the support from home that they need. Otherwise we'd literally have to lock all girls up at home and homeschool them and keep them away from the world if they were that delicate that everything they learned from their parents could disappear just by seeing the outside of a sort of seedy establishment.

  7. I don't think there's any problem with germs – they wash their hands just like everyone else. And having been a barista I can tell you that clothes or no clothes the rest of your body outside of your hands is not coming in contact with the coffee. I'm more concerned about them getting burned by steaming the milk. Although, the couple places I've seen the girls do get to wear skimpy aprons so they don't burn their tummies on accident.

  8. I am going to patronize this stand just because it annoys the beejeezus out of all of the politically correct prudes in this stuffy-ass city.

  9. Come on – we should push for a national “go to work in your swimsuit” day! Seriously, who wouldn't want to go to work and stare at your coworkers in their bikini's and Speedo's? I for one want to start my day w/boobs and coffee, followed by being greeted by our receptionist in a thong, a little board meeting w/barely clad middle aged flabbies; yes, exactly! I can't wait!!

    Are you really that undersexed that you need tits and tea? Man, if so, that's pretty sad….unless they make a Hellavu cup a joe. Otherwise, I just don't get it. But whatever – my idea of heaven would be a latte stand that writes will call my boss and tell him I'm home sick.

  10. Hey – hey, another witty and totally unreadable post by the great “chopper74.” I knew I would find you here on this post telling poeple how they should act, or how they should spend thier money, or how they should vote in a democratic republic; because that's what you do–meddle in other poeple's business–without taking into account your own behaivior of scanning over some under-read blog for one post to comment on with a completely unintelligable post – changing the world “chopper74,” good work.

  11. And our “boys” should aspire to be full grown men that post infantile beliefs on community blog sites – cause really thats also admirable “chopper74.”

  12. “Ninaf” don't take anything “chopper74” says seriously, he is the epitomy of zelout; also most of his posts are unreadable and void of a point so I found its best simply not to respond – he thinks he is saving the world posting here but I say intelligable conversation would go a lot farther, I mean “public 'titty'” whatever that is went over like a lead airplane, at least to this reader.

  13. “Chopper74” is not the moderator here “Trix” (although I suspect he views himself like that), so say whatever the F you want to say, seriously; wasted time is your wasted time – don't let some crazy dude living in his moms basement at the age of 35 tell you what to do.

  14. lol, I get notified of replies to my posts, Mr. Stalker. You have responded to more of them than anyone else. Perhaps you should follow your own advice, before you start lending it out.
    btw, I don't mind at all that most of my posts sail over your head. But, I don't understand how they could then get under your skin…

  15. how are you impacted by a barista spilling steamed milk on herself bikini or not? that's a choice best left to the individual as is your patronage of an establishment like this.

    if it's so appalling and ridiculous, people will vote with their dollars and it will be gone just like the other poor attempts at coffee service along that corridor.

  16. Just doing my part to battle what I think is the real problem with Ballard right now; the more people that take notice to how distracting you are to intelligent discourse the better.

  17. lol at intelligent discourse…
    …and I wish you were correct about Ballard.
    Just once.

  18. I just read all these comments (yeah, I know its waaayyyyy past my bed time, but this is waaayyyy better than NCIS re-runs!) and I have never laughed so hard and cried so many tears all at the same time!!! Man, we are sure a mess!!

  19. Isn't there an elementary school directly accross the street with a playground? I'm a pretty liberal seattleite – but putting a “sexy” coffee stand intented to tittilate its customers isn't cool when it's directly accross the street from an elementary school and a church!

  20. There are street drunks fighting and pissing on the sidewalk right on that block. I think most people would find that much more of a danger to the children. Not to mention the sensibilities of all those darn nuns. I think a drunk mans penis waving around is a little more harsh than a bikini clad barista.

  21. Right across the street from the St. Alphonsus school playground. Welcome to Tacky Town, once known as Ballard…

  22. and a wet T-shirt contest in Sept no doubt!
    Thank goodness for coffee – whatever would these poor young ladies do?
    OMG! they'd have to go work at that creept lap dance place.

  23. There is so much inconsistency in this mini-debate.

    Ethics. Why is it OK for a business owner to discriminate by only hiring women that he thinks look good in a bikini? Just because the economy is bad doesn't give someone the right to ignore federal laws to make a quick buck. Having 200 applicants doesn't justify intentional discrimination or legitimize a flawed business model.

    Concern for the Poor. Why is it OK to insult the homeless men and women who struggle with alcoholism? For a city that isn't religious, there are a whole lot of people who want to define their holiness by what they do and don't do. Just because you are proud of your own disciplined and civilized lifestyle doesn't exempt you from lending a helping hand to someone in need and helping them on the road to recovery.

    Consistency in our Sexual Ethic. Why are we concerned about what our baristas wear and we don't care one bit about what kids are saying and doing in school? If Seattleites were truly compared about community and healthy behavior, we would care about both.

    Classism. Why is it OK for people to be arrogant and classist by insulting lower income neighborhoods? Surely these people don't think that they are a better and more valuable people because peers in their socioeconomic strata fuel their lust in more expensive and sophisticated ways, behind closed doors. If paying women to wear revealing clothing conflicts with your beliefs, then say so. Geographic location and income should have no place in the discussion.

    What would it look like if Seattleites actually loved other people, instead of using them as foils in order to pad their own ego? I think that the response to this article has demonstrated that we have a long, long way to go.

  24. When I worked as a barista I was constantly spilling steamed milk and hot coffee on my apron. I can't imagine doing the work in a bikini. I hope his new hires are more graceful coffee slingers than I was.

  25. The stand is not even open yet and the coffee is being called crappy? Perhaps put your assumptions aside and give it a try once the place actually starts serving. The coffee that is being served is supplied from a great coffee roaster who has been in the coffee business over 20 years. Some of the baristas have years of experience as well. You might be surprised. It sounds like a fun atmosphere, get over yourself.

  26. That's hilarious! Bikinis are right there with underwear… I don't know about YOU Melissa but I wash my underwear after each time I use it, as with my bathing suits. I'm assuming majority of the population does the same. You have a very ridiculous argument here.

  27. hahaha! “One is being forced if it's part of the dress code.” So the girls must have been forced to respond to the craigslist ad and on top of that forced into being hired despite their lack of willingness to wear the outfits. No, I don't think so. Your argument is laughable.

  28. Just tried it today – I guess it's the first day of business for them. The coffee is just ok; not terrible but not great. The barista was lovely in her bikini, but I don't really see the point of “sexy coffee.” It also seemed like she didn't have a lot of experience making espresso drinks. So if you want to look at a beautiful woman for 30 seconds or so and spend $3 for a so-so latte, I guess it's the place for you. I can't say I didn't enjoy it, but I care too much about the quality of the brew to go back again.

  29. Sounds like Trish has herself some personal investment in this…geez…..looks like another nasty thing that I don't want my kids to see when I pass bye, cause I'm NEVER giving my money to it. We need less of this in our society not more. The kids that go to school next to this do not deserve to be subjected to such things. Come on. OK, go ahead an slam me for being whatever, but girls should never have to lower themselves to men to make a buck. It's awful. I saw the pics of the girls now that it's open looking all lusty for a dollar, makes my stomach churn. Money is not why you give those eyes ladies,…love is.

  30. I have been to this coffee stand several times and have had great, friendly service and a great cup of coffee. Before people pass judgement maybe one should think about how much money, work, time and effort goes into starting a coffee stand, or any business for that matter. We all go to the beach and some women are wearing much less than this. These girls are all working just like the rest of us and it doesn't make them any less of a woman or a person because they wear a bikini to work. Nor does it mean that they are in any form of prostitution or anything close to that. Everytime I have had a cup of coffee here the price is great, it tastes wonderful and they girls are always professional and courteous.

  31. Im still waiting for them to go topless, I'd have such a coffee buzz if hey went topless.
    Hmm judgemental Christian's go fucking figure.Well I was thinking bout attending that church no now.
    I can't even excersice my puppy in that church's parking lot by throwing my ball with my puppy those chrisitians sure got a lot of bogus rules don't they, just look at whose complaing. How many people been killed in the name of christianity, and how many people been killed in the name of Islam, im not Islam just saying.
    My two cents

  32. It's not the same, wearing a bikini for the purpose of titillation (Sex sells) and wearing a bkini to the beach. When the intent is to fishbowl the attire so as to generate a higher profit than simply selling the product, that's called adult entertainment, sometimes it's called “adult theatre”. The same as a strip club. A lot of people, myself included do not want you on the sidewalk. Why don't you open at some mall. I don't have to go to a mall. I do have to walk on the street and deal with you. Take it to Aurora, girls. Oh, you are over 18 aren't you? That would make you women — adults, that is.

  33. whatever happened to decent zoning laws. its kind of obvious that the modern seattle favors $ business over ethics. accross the street from a church school playground. almost an outdoor adult theatre for some men at other adult coffee stands.(recent news)

  34. I have never been to Ballard but after reading all of this I am absolutely sure I will NEVER go there.

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