Future of Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods in doubt

One of Ballard’s longest-running businesses and a cultural staple of the neighborhood, Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods could close soon. The store told us “there’s a good possibility” that it could join the growing line of empty stores on Market St., but “we’re really unsure right now.”

You may remember last summer, owners Reidun and Anita Endresen said Olsen’s was dangerously close to closing while trying to help a potential buyer secure financing. Today the store denies a report that a final decision has been made, and the owners promise to make an official announcement to their customers and community if it becomes a reality. Which means there’s no better time to stop by, pick up some Lutefisk and show your support!

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21 thoughts to “Future of Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods in doubt”

  1. Rats! I hope they don't close. I liked experimenting there. Trying new things.

    Olsen's, Sunset Bowl, Denny's, Archie McPhee, All the King's Flags, Ballard Camera, Matt's Gourmet Hot Dogs, Jacobsen's Marine, Gordo's, Hallmark, The Tux Shop, etc. They're gone.

    At least QFC is coming back. I'll be back to a nice walk to the store. Some change is good. I like the new library and park accross the street. I like family friendly Snoose Junction. The Lunchbox Lab is cool, especially since they have the lunch box I used to have back in the day. I'm sure I'll see a lot more change before I'm ready to move into the Norse Home.

  2. So, do the Market St. landlords really enjoy empty storefronts and no rent, and think that it's an improvement on their current revenue?

  3. Does anyone know what is going into the other half of bella's old space, next door to la isla? I noticed that they are doing work in there and have interior walls framed.

  4. Yet there still isn't that many empty storefronts due to rent increases. Most of the businesses are being replaced in a relatively short time. This is the world of commercial real estate and its not limited to ballard, they know what they are doing and know how to make money.

  5. I was talking about the other half. Duncan noted that it is the new supercuts, which would be great as there is a lack a cheap hair cuts in ballard. I still prefer seeing gene up on 64th and 32nd though.

  6. Well maybe if they had a good inventory and put some effort into making the place look like the year 2009 they wouldn't have as big of a problem selling their small selection of over priced items.

    I think it sucks that they're going to be closing but I'm not in the least bit surprised. Actually I am surprised it's taken this long. At the parade this year there was hardly a line at their store and I remember years where I was standing in line for 20 minutes to get my hotdog and Solo. Now I'm shocked if they even have Solo in stock. However their hotdogs are still phenomenal.

    There's still a couple Scandinavian businesses left in Ballard that are doing well. Larsens bakery of course, and Scandinavian Specialties on 15th. Also the Scandinavian Bakery near 85th is doing good business last I heard.

    Anyway this won't be the end of Scandinavian influence in Ballard, just directly on Market Street. For now at least.

  7. OMG I hope they manage to stay, or stay in Ballard. There's no better place to get Swedish meatball mix, or lingonberry soda, or even that yummy salty cracker paste. Seriously, can we please support something that is a part of Ballard history and its uniqueness?

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