Rock thrown through window of Ballard restaurant

Someone threw a rock through the window of Restaurante Michoacan at 8311 15th Ave NW early this morning and got away with a couple bottles of whiskey.

“That is a couple of young thugs in the neighborhood who wanted to go into that section of the restaurant,” Rudy McCoy-Pantoja Jr. a friend of the owner tells us. The alarm went off at 2 a.m. after the suspect(s) broke the glass, and McCoy-Panoja Jr. believes that the noise of the alarm scared the culprit(s) away. Even though only liquor was stolen, the window will be $1,300 to replace. “It’s not easy in this economy,” McCoy-Pantoja Jr. said.

22 comments on “Rock thrown through window of Ballard restaurant”

  1. Man, they're having a bad week. This is such a great restaurant too, and a long time Ballard business.
    Hey, Geeky Swedes, did they say the would have to close for any length of time because of this?

  2. Pathetic. One thought foremost in my mind…
    If your punk kid is passed out this afternoon, and you see a bottle of whiskey laying around…Put two and two together for a change.
    Let them sleep this one off in K.C. Jail.

  3. Infuriating.
    I love Michoacan!
    I will have to make sure I visit this weekend, and help the out by spending some $$ there!

  4. Didn't the liquor store by the locks have the same thing happen a few months ago? Wasn't the culprit a well known 'street person'?
    How do they know it was teens?

  5. We love this restaurant. They have the best/friendliest staff in town, and their food is good and prices are reasonable. I hope their insurance covers it.

  6. I've never been there, but was planning to go after all of the positive comments in the forums after the smiley face incident…now I will have to go for sure. Bad week, indeed!

  7. around 12:30 am I was on the #15 bus, and this couple of punks walked past me, they smelled so strongly of alcohol that I instantly felt hungover as they passed me to get off the bus…

    …I wonder.

  8. You would call the cops on your own kid? I would pay for the window and make my kid work to pay me back, and write a letter of apology. A $1300 window is not worth having a MM1 charge on their record for the rest of their life by the way thats a felony.

  9. That is a bummer. We've been there several times – nice people and decent Mexican food for Seattle. We'll have to go there this week to help them out.

  10. And big portions, Black_Sheep. You won't leave hungry. In fact I always have to pack some to take home with me every time I go there.

  11. If my kid was caught doing this type so sociopath behavior you bet your bottom dollar that I would be calling the cops on them, and they know it.

    Slapping them on the wrist once it as escalated this far is purely an enabling behavior on part of the parents.

  12. Sir, once your kid exhibits this kind of behavior, I'd rather you try something different than what you have.
    Call the cops on my kids? I don't see that happening, see, they aren't exactly hip with the hoody punks in town.
    That's not luck, btw.

  13. Damn right you should call the cops on your own kids! Growing up it was made clear to me by my parents that if I was engaging in any illegal behavior they would not hesitate to let me spend a night in jail.
    I don't know that this was what kept me from misbehaving (or generally keeping any substance or misbehavior well out of sight of my parents) but here I stand with a clean record.
    Yes, I would like a cookie!

  14. If I caught my kid drinking and being unruly I would discipline them myself. If I caught them threatening a business owner, vandalizing the property then stealing from them I would call the cops on them because obviously they are little punks who need to learn some consequences. If I bailed them out I imagine they would continue the behavior and figure that it's not such a big deal to commit a felony cause mommy will bail them out. If they realize that if they commit a felony they could go to jail and have it on their permanent record, maybe they'd be less inclined to act that way. But my plan is to teach my kid responsibility from a young age so that they understand when they're older not to commit felonies to begin with.

  15. It sounds like from the article it was the same kids who were causing trouble trying to get into the bar earlier in the evening so they would be able to identify if they saw them again.

  16. Sad to hear, they really are the Nicest owners/staff around and you won't hear me complaining about the food, not to mention the great margaritas!

    We'll have to go/take-out a few extra times this week to 'help out'. ;)

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