Radio host interviews ‘Knotty Bodies’ barista

KIRO radio host Dori Monson gave himself a tough assignment: interviewing a bikini-clad barista at Ballard’s brand new “Knotty Bodies” coffee stand. Knotty Bodies opened on 15th Ave. on Saturday, only to be closed Sunday after convenience store clerk Manish Melwani was killed just a few feet away.

Dori asks about the shooting as well as why the shop is using skin as a selling point. “Granted, we’re using our bodies to sell coffee, and that sells,” says Amber, a barista. “If these stands were in Vegas or California, nobody would even think twice. But since they’re here in Seattle, people freak out about them. Or they love them.” Amber said that they discovered a note on their window “from the church across the street saying our kind isn’t welcome here,” and she admitted that business is a little slow so far.

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  1. This guy is an idiot. You know what? I've been a Ladro customer for the past 8 years. I'll be visiting this stand for the next week to try to counterbalance this moron.

    /Head asplode
    //Don't like it? Don't stop by! It is called…wait for it…freedom.

  2. The church left *a note on a window*? What a perfectly pissy, passive-aggressive thing to do. I'm with royhobbs — even though my regular coffee place is elsewhere, I intend to throw these guys some business strictly as a gesture of support from a straight girl who doesn't care one way or the other about what my household refers to as “boobie-girls coffee” but who *really* dislikes hypocritical, cowardly behavior.

    A freakin' note. “WWJD” indeed.

  3. Well, St. Al's is not just the church, it is a grade school as well. I'm not sure if I had a little girl attending St. Al's that it's the message I'd want to send her, that “sex sells” (why, yes it does, as we all know) and that cute girls in bikinis get big tips from men. I'm not sure I'd want a Hooters across from a grade school, either. And, they have freedom of speech as well- that sword cuts both ways.

    I doubt I'll be patronizing this place, not for any moral reason, but because as a straight woman, it holds no allure, and it's not on my way to anywhere. Plus, I'm pretty sure that by appealing strictly to men as eye candy, the prices for that latte are probably higher than Tully's.

  4. I noticed that too. (Snicker)

    At least the shot got their hours in the background. I'm impressed by anybody that can get to work that early! And with make up on??

    Another straight girl that will buy a support cup. (oh – bra joke included, free of charge!)

  5. yes a scolding from the church across the street (in note form) is pretty annoying.

    personally i think these places are silly – i do enjoy how woeked up some people get over a human in a bathing suit though. you know, there are tons of people in bikinis at golden gardens, careful.

  6. I doubt very much that the note was from the church. St. Al's is a pretty conservative parish, but as a whole Catholics are not too freaked out by bikinis and as hierarchical as they are, if they wanted to object, it would be with a formal letter or visit from a leader at the church, not an anonymous note left on a window.

  7. I'm trying to make sense of the name Knotty Bodies. I get the “naughty” reference, but am I missing why it's spelled knotty? I picture them with hard wood like trunks with big knots. It's not so sexy.

    I am going to swing by this morning JUST BECAUSE of the note left on her car.

  8. I think “side-boob coffee” would be a better name. Aside from being true, it makes more sense than all of this knottyness.

    I don't understand the outrage these coffee stands create. It seems as though every time a new one opens you hear the same ridiculous arguments. So the baristas are all femakle and relatively scantily clad, why is this bothersome? How is this different than selling ice cream at the beach in a bikini?

    Beyond that though, why are we afraid to talk to children about our bodies? Why do we assume that kids are going to immediately think “sex!” when they see a barista in a tube-top? And really, why is no one concerned about the dangers of hot espresso machines against young nubile flesh?

    ok, so that last question was less of a question and more of a.. well..

    /i need coffee.

  9. I don't understand what the big deal is? If your at the beach or a wading pool women are walking around in bikini's, but it's not ok for them to do so in an enclosed coffee place? I have a daughter and don't have a problem with this. I think people need to loosen up and relax a little. They aren't naked or prostituting, they are selling coffee for the love of…..

  10. I thought we were a “pro-choice” community? Except of course when it comes to educational choices or apparently coffee stands. Against them? Do NOT even go near them. Simple isn't it. But if somebody was caught having sex in a park in front of kids we'd get the obligatory BS about how prudish we are as Americans, and that we need to be “more like Europe”. Gag me. Can't have it both ways. Are they breaking any laws? Do they have a license? Courage? Isn't this also part of freedom? I can say immasculation too. I guess it just depends on what “is is” huh? Just pretend she's Monica Ballard libs.

  11. I'm going to second this post… there's no way St. Al's really left an anonymous note. Especially one that said “your kind isn't welcome.” This was an attempt to get church haters to come on out and support bikini coffee.

  12. I don't care for them for a few reasons:
    a) I worry about them burning themselves! Ouch!
    b) In Everett, they have these bikini/lingerie stands all over the place. On more than one occasion, a car has STOPPED in the middle of the street when they see said bikini/lingerie clad women, to turn into said coffee stand. It's not the baristas' fault, but come on idiots! Quit almost creating an accident because you see boobs!

    I like that “knotty” is off the street far enough not to see. I don't like it, so I won't go there. Doesn't bother me a bit that other people will go there. JUst as long as they don't stop in the middle of the street nearly causing a collision because they see boobies.

  13. I live down the block. I'm kind of a coffee snob. I generally don't drink espresso because I find drip more satisfying and of course higher in caffine. Further cream is for sauces, not bastardizing such a miraclulous thing like the coffee bean. At any rate, their drip coffee was really good with a shot in it. I tried a triple americano when they were out of drip and it was pretty good. The thing worth note about the americano is that I took quit a while to finish it and it didn't get that bitter, oxidized taste that espresso can sometimes aquire over time. My only knock is the girls like to call customers “sweetie” or other cute terms that I suppose is typical in these types of operations — it's a little degrading; I'm married; I don't care if you're a butt-naked, super-hottie, I'm only my wife's “sweetie”. From the girls I just want good service & good coffee — for those two things, they are successful.

  14. Sign up another straight girl for some joe. I'll even bring my boyfriend cuz coffee and ladies are two of his favorite things!

  15. I'm all for the bikini coffee stand (and I'm a straight gal) but does anyone think this might be kind of a sucky location for it!? I personally wouldn't go within 20 ft of the Pit Stop in a bikini… it's a gas station parking lot frequented by homeless people buying 40s in paper bags… not to mention the recent crime spree (RIP). I've been eye-effed by creepers in that parking lot even with a winter coat on…

    I just hope those scantily clad baristas carry pepper-spray or know some serious kung-fu… Good luck girls!

  16. I had to move down to CA for a six month contract job. While there I totalled my car and bought a new one. In the couple months I had it here before getting WA plates it got spit on three times. I'm not from CA, but I still have never been able to wrap my head around the CA hate. I guess it's just racist/xenophobic fear and blame the “others” because our people could never do any wrong.
    When I was in California I found that a lot of my coworkers, if not a majority, were from somewhere else, and I never heard a peep of complaint from the 'natives'. Even when traffic was bad or the surf lineup got crowded, nobody would talk smack about people from somewhere else being the problem or people to look down on.

  17. If you're selling espresso in a bikini the word you're looking for is “NAUGHTY!” If you have a “knotty” body see a chiropractor!

  18. I doubt it was officially from the church, but I don't doubt that some member of the church would write it, and it's probably a sentiment shared by quite a few members of the congregation.

  19. Agree that it might have been from a churchgoer (every church has it's zealots), but I doubt the church itself would do it that way, or condone the note's contents. Catholics are a bit more subtle than that. Well, modern Catholics.

  20. He doesn't think a tattoo has ever “enhanced the look of a woman”?

    I have three. I do not care if boys like them or not. I did not consider what boys might think when I got them. Sometimes women do things without concern for what boys may or may not think “enhances their look”.


  21. I third this post. The Catholics are not freaked out by bikinis; they get freaky about choir boys.

    Besides, if it wasn't for Catholic girls where would sexpresso stands find staff?

  22. Cute girl, with or without the tat.
    It's a free country, she has a job.
    I do worry about their safety, but I'm just wired that way.
    Any bets on if Dori bought a cup of Joe?
    Bonus question, did he tip?

  23. I can totally see that comparison with strippers! I never thought of it that way. But it's kind of true… even if this blonde denies it.

    But yeah, I highly doubt St.Alphonsus would leave a note like that. Someone who belongs to the church? Maybe… but the people there are really nice and I can't really picture any of them leaving a note like that. You can't really blame them, there are better locations in the area to put a bikini coffee stand.

  24. lol…Dori isn't near as pretty as a boob.
    But, I kinda like the Ballard boy, he's a hoot.
    I know, nobody wants to admit that…

  25. I just think the concept is dumb. baristas already get sexually harrassed, now they're going to get burned in not so nice places.

    Plus the name is stupid. Knotty Bodies? What, are they made of wood? Can't even get the play on words down.

    When will I get a coffee stand w/men wearing banana hammocks, huh???

  26. i'm with a few other residents here if i'm going to pay for a mediocre cup of coffee with places like nellies and blue dog right around the corner from some trashy looking tired girl its going to be because she's topless, not halfway there, heh.

  27. It's true, Meg. Baristas are harrassed, seven ways from Sunday. I was even attacked by a 6'6″ crazy drunk once when I worked at a cart on Queen Anne.

    But.. I'd like to second your motion on the new attire for male baristas. Could be fun!

  28. *shudder* lol @ banana hammocks…
    Anyhow, I seem to recall a fishing connection to the name, seeing how this is Ballard and all. And fishermen, face it, have all been there already…

  29. No offense taken ;-)
    I can't explain it, really.
    Just have an affinity for provocative people, I guess.
    I liked him before I realized what a mess he is. OY!

  30. Props to Amber for putting up with his very condescending demeanor through the interview. Every question he had for her was clearly a loaded one. His questions were also worded very oddly, seeming to go one way with a question and suddenly going another direction… I have a feeling he was a bit nervous. All in all it was some what confusing. Either way, more power to em! Bring on the boobie coffee!

  31. Good point, Ernie – consider the source and all. LOL

    I listened to his show for a while, but had to stop because my steering wheel was hurting my head.

  32. Boobs! Men are simple. Boobs! turn car. I laugh when women say they can't figure us out and complain of OUR complexity. Boobs! turn in. Ummm…coffee…boobs.

  33. Not only did she put up with it, she handled him really well. I don't think he expected to be talking to someone who could hold her own, and she certainly did. Well done, Amber!

  34. i'm pretty sure his tip came in the form of that generous advice regarding what men do and don't like as it relates to tattoos on women.

    because it's questionable to sell coffee using one's body, but we should also do unto our bodies only things men would deem acceptable. god, what a prick.

  35. I never had my car spit on when I still had my California plates (for 6 months) but I have had to hear all the griping for the last 15 years about Californians ruining everything. Yah, we're to blame for everything. The guy who lived in my apartment before me moved to LA so it was an even trade. I doubt he's been blamed for all the traffic or the rising prices there.

  36. I'm pretty sure she's on her way to have that removed *right now*. If only she'd known it would make her less attractive to closed-minded men…

    Oh, wait – it actually has MEANING TO HER? Crazy.

  37. amber says “we don't show any skin” WOW, that speaks volumes….and yes it's painful to watch dori's interview. i agree, he lost a bet to someone.

  38. That interviewer is creepy. At the 1:10 mark, when he acts all outraged at the thought that a kid might see… a human being serving coffee.


    Dude: it's a girl, in swimsuit. If that freaks you out, here's another : you'll also see such a scandalous sight at Ballard's main summertime attraction, Golden Gardens. Or Greenlake. Or a gym.

    Seriously, this is a nonissue. In one more generation people will laugh at videos like the above the same way we laugh at the turn-of-the-century outrage over bared ankles.

  39. Maybe I'll pick up my first Knotty Boddies coffee wearing a nice sequins Banana hammock… Hmm, that may put me in the creepy category. Stupid double standards.

  40. Here's my question: Will they continue wearing the bikinis in the fall/winter?

    When it's 36' and raining in February, will that much skin be on display? Hard to believe.

  41. Being a straight girl who has two teenage girls in the house I would have no problem buying coffee there or taking the girls there. Bikini's aren't new inventions, we see them all the time, our kids see them all the time, who cares if the barista is wearing one? Plus I think it shows a healthy self image that our teen girls could learn from. That's just my opinion.

  42. It's ghetto, and I don't like my kid seeing it every day on the drive home. Have you folks heard of the 'broken windows' crime theory? I think the existence of Knotty Bodies says a couple of things. 1. It's okay to do whatever you want in Ballard. 2. Ballard doesn't care about its women. If you believe there is no possible link between this place and the recent murder, you might want to check out a recent Dutch study by Kees Keizer at the University of Groningen.

  43. Knotty Bodies is missing a marketing opportunity. They should be selling swimsuits to girls that admire the ones the baristas are modeling!

    I'd buy one like Amber's, it's damn cute!

  44. I don't think the note came from St. Al's either. One of my children attended middle school there and it was a wonderfully supportive community. I don't see the coffee place as even being a blip on their radar unless patrons of the place somehow create a direct threat to the safety of the children. I am sure St. Al's is much more concerned with the shooting and death of the store clerk and providing comfort for their family in any way possible.

  45. I don't think the note came from St. Al's either. One of my children attended middle school there and it was a wonderfully supportive community. I don't see the coffee place as even being a blip on their radar unless patrons of the place somehow create a direct threat to the safety of the children. I am sure St. Al's is much more concerned with the shooting and death of the store clerk and providing comfort for their family in any way possible.

  46. Um … that's not just a leap of logic, that's a triple axel.

    Also, from all the broken-window stories I see on this blog (generally involving the window being fixed immediately and the publicity garnering an outpouring of support for the business), I think the broken-window theory works *against* your point here.

  47. The bikini barista drive through isn't my cup of tea, or double americano, but seriously…do you need to make disparaging remarks about the employee?
    She's still a real person with real feelings and doesn't need to take crap from you as well as the creeps.

  48. I haven't had my coffee this morning… but I betcha there wouldn't be any video interviews if the baristas were 50 to 100 #'s heavier.

    What a great idea!!! “Viking Lady Coffee” 160#'s or more and in a bikini… somenone start this business and I'll work there. The old Denny's location would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration Dori.

  49. Oops, Bango. That's what I get for bloggin' with a headache in my noggin'.

    I misconstrued. Whatever attire you choose is a-okay with me.

  50. To see the full study requires access to a scholarly journal but there is an article in Seed magazine that can be read online. “Chaos begets chaos.” Basically, we should not be pleased that Ballard is becoming a neighborhood of bars and nightlife. Scantily clad barristas is ghetto.

    Certainly jumping on the fixing of a broken window will help but crime keeps increasing and eventually the window does not get fixed. I am not a prude nor am I Carrie Nation but at the rate we are going Ballard could be Lake City in 20 years. There have always been plenty of bars in Ballard but years ago most were neighborhood places that emptied by 7pm or restaurants that served liquor.

  51. Sorry Joe, I don't believe there is a link between the coffee cart and the horrible killing of Manish. And no academic study is going to prove otherwise. If you have ACTUAL evidence there is direct link between the two, please show it. Otherwise, I'll wait to hear about the killer's motives when he faces trial.

    You may have negative feelings about the bikini cart, and that is your right, but conflating it with Manish's murder is exploitative of a very raw nerve in our community and goes beyond the pale, IMO.

  52. I don't see it as using sexuality to sell, they're making coffee, the “costumes” are just a gimmick to get customers. I applaud them for having the balls, so to speak, to be able to go to work in a bikini and be okay with it.

  53. By wearing a bikini and making overpriced expresso? Sorry, Sweet Rose, but she's not exactly table dancing here. I don't quite get your logic.

  54. The article is fascinating. I agree SweetRose…it's not the bikini-coffee thing per se, it's setting the tone of the neighborhood. What was once a blue-collar, family neighborhood (with many stores catering to families; Sears, Penny's, clothing stores, etc.) and restaurants is becoming a neighborhood of mainly bars. Where does that end? When we have strip joints and pawn shops? Lake City has changed into a ghetto; do we want Ballard to look like Lake City? Or Lakewood?

    The other thing that has changed is that Old Ballard had mainly taverns that sold beer and wine…and you're right, the clientele was mainly working guys who went home for dinner. What has happened is that Ballard changed from a family-friendly neighborhood to a destination-shopping neighborhood to a destination drinking neighborhood. For an advance peek of what that does to a neighborhood, check out Fremont. Or Lake City.

  55. Nora, this is a gateway profession, first you're making coffee in a bikini next thing you know you're hookin on Aurora.

    Poor lady, I can't stand seeing her to this to herself…

    Please note sarcasm, some people on this forum need to get over themselves.

  56. it's not exploitative. when I was about to move back here a couple of weeks ago, I passed by the little shack. it felt wrong and made me not want to move back… I'll bet you there are a lot of good neighbors who are looking at places here and thinking the same thing. the 'broken windows' study shows that environment is going to generate behavior from people. these are unconscious motivators, not something the killer would have been aware of.

  57. OMG! The assertions that this coffee stand is a leading indicator and factor in the ghettoizing of ballard is so funny. And related to the murder of Manish. You guys crack me up. You do realize that many find the term ghetto a racist term. And it seems that you are using it in a way that could be construed racist. But since you have the good of the community in mind I guess that is acceptable. Ballard rationalization at work.

    You people seem to forget that there are (or were up to the last few months) 2 strip joints on 15th!!!!

    The bikini coffee stand has also been shown to be a gateway to the nasty dancing profession by another dutch study! It won't be long before they work their way up the 15th ave hill to dance but at least they won't have to deal with steam burns and being robbed.

    The crack about the tramp stamp is funny too. Harder to find a woman without a tat these days.

    Ballard has some really big issues cooking now and putting any sort of blame or complicity for the 'ghettoizing of ballard' on the bikini coffee stand that has been open less that a week just shows a lack of sense.

  58. The assertion that the coffee stand directly led to Manish's murder is not only outlandish, it's repulsive. There is NO EVIDENCE that the existence of one led to the result of the other. You prudes need to get a grip. If you don't like the bikinis, fine, we get it. But it's your problem. And, I repeat: Unless you have concrete proof there is a direct connection between those two things you are exploiting a terrible neighborhood incident to make a personal point.

  59. Then don't move back if it makes you so uncomfortable.

    But now you are trying to backtrack by saying that Mainsh's killer is not aware of his “unconscious motivators” for commiting that crime.

    You have no idea what his motivations were. You are ridiculous.

  60. What is the difference between getting tips for showing your body while dancing and getting tips for showing your body while selling coffee?

    The issue is not showing your body. The issue is doing it for money.

  61. Judging based on… what? Sounds more like prudishness and jealousy than anything else.

    Oh, but then there's the correlation between bikinis and murder.

    So many pathologies to examine, so little time.

  62. Very true. Did she SHOW the note in the video? No. Do we know that there actually WAS a note? No. Do we know who wrote the alleged note? No. Do we know what the alleged note said? No.

    All hearsay. It makes a good story, though.

  63. Just a few things…

    1. worry more about the graffiti and drugs in Ballard FIRST.

    2. if you think selling things in bikini's (or, let's be honest, bare-chested guys in short shorts) is wrong…make sure you NEVER turn on your TV EVER AGAIN. commercials these days use that trick (and have for years and YEARS) non-stop. (BTW, have you SEEN MTV these days? …but, you think a COFFEE stand is gonna hurt the kids?)

    3. Dori did go after this girl quite a bit. he acted like he was holding the moral high ground, but got NOWHERE with it. i agree with other posters on here, she totally held her own, and he didn't expect that. ACTUALLY, i kinda got the creep vibe from HIM…it felt “creepy” when he asked on and on about “creepy guys”, i don't know why.

    …maybe because i got the overwhelming feeling that he spent the entire interview trying SO hard not to stare at her rack. (and he failed, he totally caught an eyeful SEVERAL times.)

  64. Except nowhere did anyone say it was a leading indicator.

    I see no big issues in Ballard. Cooking or simmering or even tossed in the recycle. You seem a tad hysterical if you see this. Neighborhoods shift is all and the current shift is downward. Really this downward shift is nationwide. We are in a major transition in the US. I am not a nostalgia queen. The past is what created the present. The past is the past and the present is sorta tacky and who knows where the future lies. I just don’t worry about it much but I do comment. History teaches us only that nothing ever remains the same……except human nature of course.

    I cannot be held responsible if some moron does not understand the definition of ghetto. You seem to have serious control issues if you feel I should temper my language based on someone’s ignorance. You can only be insulted if you choose to be insulted. Cowboy up luv. I am never insulted. Maturity helps in that regard dear.

    Tramp stamps ARE funny. If you cannot find a woman without a tattoo I might suggest you look in a better place. Tattoos are just a foolish fad. Fad followers are always fools. This too will pass and a few idiots will be left looking like ageing sailors.

  65. Get a clue. The murder of an innocent working man, right in this neighborhood, has indeed exposed raw nerves — for those of who care about such things. Joe is blatantly exploiting the murder to justify his personal discomfort with the bikini coffee cart by drawing a correlation betweent the existence of the cart and the murder. No such correlation exists.

    The nonsense is all on your side.

  66. This specific correlation is spurious, but the greater point does stand. If you have a seedy looking area, seedy things are more likely to happen there.
    I'm not so sure that a nondescript coffee shack that happens to have baristas wearing bikinis even qualifies as seedy. I think the Goodwill and the curbstoner's cars on 8th is a bigger factor!

  67. I love how S___Rose can insult all sorts of people while calling them luv and dear. The sheer volume of negativity that comes from a name such as sweet sweet rose is mind boggling.

  68. Yuck – Why would you want to buy anything from someone practically neked – yuck yuck yuck!
    I'm not a prude but I think it is so trashy! Okay so if this was Vegas or LA, nobody would care but HOORAY Seattle is not Vegas or LA- BALLARD most definately is not. I would like to think we have some class, more so that Vegas or LA

  69. Do they really serve Cafe Ladro coffee? If so, I'll buy coffee from them. My only complaint so far at bikini coffee bars is that they make a horrible cup of coffee and often get my order wrong because coffee isn't their main business. But I will buy coffee anywhere if the baristas are friendly and professional and most of all if the coffee is good – the baristas can be totally naked or wearing a bear-encounter suit for all I care. I'll let my husband go alone though. Last time we stopped at one of those bikini stands he started giggling and I thought I'd die of embarrassment.

  70. A bikini bar feels wrong but the Sands strip club doesn't? That has been here what – 30 years? I guess people have gotten tired of boycotting it after many decades. And nobody is up in arms anymore about the plasma center next door to the liquor store where the homeless folks go to sell plasma to buy booze. This neighborhood has had sleazy stuff mixed in with the nice blue-collar families for decades but that's easily forgotten if there is a new target for scape-goating.

  71. Yeah, I look at the bikini and think “that's cute on her …” I'm not quite comfortable in bikinis anymore now that I'm a middle-aged mom. When my daughter is older it'd probably look cute on her though. I just prefer if she worked in a bikini coffee stand that she wear an apron so I not worry about her scalding her tummy when steaming the milk.

  72. I've been there several times and have never been called “sweetie” or any of those other terms. The barista has behaved just like any other barista I've ever met. I've never seen her in anything that wouldn't be acceptable on a beach. Frankly, I've seen joggers wearing less.

  73. Oi! What's wrong with the Goodwill? I'm always happy to have more secondhand options (and as far as *looking* seedy, Thriftko was worse, though I got some wonderful bargains there over the years).

    Not all crime tracks one-to-one with seediness. Property offenses often go up in more middle-class areas, for instance, as people have more stuff around that's worth stealing, but aren't in the bracket where they automatically all have burglar alarms.

  74. Sexuality is the gimmick in so many things that are sold – from gym memberships (lose weight = being sexy) to car ads to perfume ads to jewelry ads, etc. I think bikini bars are the least of our problems. Have you seen the skanky clothes they make for 6 year olds now? What about the Slutz dolls … erm, I mean bratz dolls. With all the negative commercials and merchandise geared towards sexualizing our young girls, I think a bikini bar is totally harmless. Don't even get me started on the huge scandal of Catholic churches covering up priests who molested children that finally came out in the open a couple years ago. I don't think the Catholics as a collected group really have a moral high ground to throw stones from.

  75. Should point out the church is on record as being fine with the bikini barista stand. Doubt the note was from a church leader, more likely a random zealot.

  76. Sorry, didn't have my joke indicator light turned on.
    I don't really have a problem with either the coffee shack. which without this blog I'd never even know about, or goodwill.

  77. The Church wants to judge you?? I think we all know what kind of people go to church and point fingers…….We also know what goes on behind closed doors in churches and these finger pointers homes, it's in the news everyday and THAT is truely disgusting.

    I'll be making the 25 minute trip outta my way to give you business.

  78. Right on. Get your Viking going on in Ballard – why not coffee, Bowling,
    and beer… Vikings unite and let's start a community
    Bowl/coffee/beer/another skate bowl in Ballard. I am able-bodied but lack
    the financing… but maybe something could happen, like field of dreams,
    think it, then build it, and they will come. The soon-to-close QFC in
    Crownhill would be a perfect building to transform into a Viking
    Bowl/coffee/cafe/beer/skate pit/hang out. We need it – open 24 hours.
    Anybody out there who could do this?

  79. If I could only win the lotto or mega…..this would be an absolute blast ! I was just feeling sad yesterday again that the Sunset Bowl was gone. The community to support Viking Lanes is here and ready to bowl ! There actually was a Viking Lanes back in the mid-west where I am from. It's long gone at this point….

  80. Someone in Ballard can do this… VIKING LANES

    That is a great name. Some Ballard Beaver alumni, some local, lived in
    Ballard their whole life, business owner… maybe someone like Kathy Casey,
    dish d'dlish… or Tom Douglas or Dale Chihuly.

    Ballard and surrounding hoods need a 24 hour – VIKING LANES – bowling, food,
    coffee, drink, something for everyone. Our community needs this.

  81. Sex sell's so what let them sell it, this is a free country last time I checked. They can sell it you don't have to buy it. Rock on Girl's the only one's hating r the one's that don't have the bodie's to sell it!
    Quit yer bitching people live n let live.Pretty uptight for such an open minded city ballard resident.
    judging christian's go figure!

  82. So it's ok to take children to the beach and be surrounded by women in bikini's but its not ok for someone to serve you coffee in a bikini? It's a little different context, but please people don't make the kid argument.

  83. Well I'm quit sure the church across the street would a) complain alot less about attire in Dec. & b) probably get a few larges to get thru the cold days. Funny how charity should start at home… bad/bad/ church !!!

  84. god damn that girl needs a fuckin education! wow she obviously has no idea what shes doing and why shes doing it or that whats shes doing is a form of business..god shes so fucking stupid!

  85. Not in an ideal location. I’m no longer able to fuel up here wkly due to the fact that my wife is offended by this and these women dont look nice. Get a job at local stripclub? Not an appropriate location. Ive seen one girl flaunt her stuff right in front of my kids this is not mature or cool with me. This gas station must be losing customers in droves.

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