Man may have fallen out of truck, not hit and run

Old Norveegen emailed us this photo on Friday evening after an accident around 9 p.m. at the intersection of 14th & Leary. He believed that a pedestrian was hit by what appeared to have been a hit-and-run driver.

We spoke with police this morning and it turns out it wasn’t a hit-and-run at all. Police Spokesman Detective Mark Jamieson says that this incident is categorized as a “suspicious circumstance.”

Just before 9 p.m., he says one officer, along with fire and medics, were dispatched to the intersection for a “man down.” Witnesses told the officer that five minutes prior they saw an older style brown pickup truck heading northbound on 14th and turning left onto Leary. A witness told the officer that when the truck was turning, it sounded like a body had fallen out of the truck. The 46 year-old victim was intoxicated and transported to Harborview for medical treatment. Officers did a search but couldn’t locate the truck. Jamieson says that officers have yet to speak with the victim.

5 comments on “Man may have fallen out of truck, not hit and run”

  1. only in ballard. friday was payday for some and he probably just didn't shut the door tight enough. i would bet to say he wasn't driving over 10 mph in his defense.

  2. Or maybe he fell out of the back of the truck. And if he was drunk I'm willing to bet the driver was too.

  3. 46, drunk, and falling out of an old pickup truck?
    That's not going on the resume.

    Nice of his friend to hang out and make sure he was ok.
    “He's hurt!”
    “And bad.”
    “Run away!”

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