Domanico Cellars, Ballard’s newest winery

Inside this nondescript building on NW 49th Street hides a surprising new addition to an industrial part of Ballard: a new winery called Domanico Cellars.

Jason and Jill Domanico are a husband and wife team who are passionate about three things: family, wine and Ballard. They have a four-year-old daughter, both have full-time jobs and now a winery in a neighborhood not known for wine. “We’ve always been pretty community-centric and we’re pretty proud of Ballard,” Jason says about their decision to open here. As far as they know, Animale is the only other winery in the neighborhood.

The Domanicos use grapes that come from three different vineyards in eastern Washington, and the couple is very hands-on during harvest. “It’s exhausting,” Jason says. They’ve been making wine since 2003, and their first commercial vintage is the 2006. “We are very excited to finally see this dream come to fruition,” Jill says. They make a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Merlot, “Mesa Rojo” or red table wine and a Riesling. Wine Advocate’s Robert Parker gave their Le Monstre (the Cab) a score of 90 points (outstanding.) “I walked on air for a couple of days” after hearing about the rating.

The tasting room at 825 NW 49th St. is open during the holidays on Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This weekend they’re holding a food and item drive for the Ballard Food Bank. Bring in two items and get 10% off your wine purchase. If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving wine, Jason says their Riesling, which is drier than most, would be perfect with turkey.

12 comments on “Domanico Cellars, Ballard’s newest winery”

  1. Well, I suspect that neighborhood has a lot of wine drinkers….but it's probably mostly Mad Dog 20/20…

  2. Looks pretty cool, especially that industrial space with the big oak barrels.

    I'm not sure about the tasting room though. Particularly that t.v. on the wall–it looks like I might trip on the cord going up those stairs.

  3. I love these guys, the winery and their wines. If you're passionate about wine, appreciate hard working people who follow their bliss and you're into supporting local business, you'll adore the Domanicos and Domanico Cellars' wines.

    Kudos Domanicos on making your dream come true and providing the rest of us the wine to toast you with!

  4. Really appreciate reading about this winery. I didn't know about it but will definitely support them. How exciting!

  5. I was down there last weekend, Jason and Jill were really fun to talk to about their wine and wine in general. I really liked the fact that I could taste the wine as well as see the whole process of making wine in one place. I am glad to see such a cool business in Ballard! Good luck!

  6. Type your comment here.I've been there a few times to taste wine and it's been great. I'm excited to bring out of town guests there in the next few months. Jason Domanico is fun to talk to about wine and enjoys explaining the process. Yet another reason to not leave Ballard.

  7. Vylan, I think it is just the camera angle, the cables are routed up the wall so all is safe.

  8. Um, “Ballard’s newest winery”? I am unaware of all the other wineries in Ballard. Where do catch the wine tour bus?

  9. Domanico Cellars wines are fantastic and Jill and Jason are a fabulous couple. This is a great Ballard business to support!

  10. Exceptionally cool! But to be perfectly accurate, Dr. Jay Miller reviews Washington wines for Robert Parker's Wine Advocate.

  11. I want to thank all of you for coming by this weekend. It was so wonderful to have the support from the local community and to meet many of our neighbors! We look forward to hopefully seeing you again, and meet more of you either at the winery or other events. Thank you!

  12. Jill Domanico! I knew you and Jason would have a successful business! Yakima misses you. Can’t wait to come taste your delicious wines! I’ll look for the label east of the Mountains. Retiring next year to Arizona….. Cheers!!!

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