First penguin hatches at zoo

There’s a new member of the Humboldt Penguin family at the Woodland Park Zoo.

Three-year-old Dora and PJ are parents to the 2.1 oz Humboldt Penguin. This chick was hatched on April 1 and is the first to hatch at the new exhibit. There is another egg in the nest, which zoo officials are expecting to hatch on Easter Sunday. Two other penguin couples are also sitting on unhatched eggs. “We were very excited when pairs began laying and incubating eggs. It was an encouraging sign that the penguins are comfortable in their new home and have adjusted quite nicely,” said Mark Myers, a Woodland Park Zoo curator who specializes in birds. “The egg-laying also is a strong testament to the excellent care our keepers provide to the penguins on a daily basis.” Visitors won’t be able to enjoy the new chick(s) until early summer. (Photo courtesy: Ryan Hawk, Woodland Park Zoo.)

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That's great news for the zoo. I'm sure the penguins didn't mind not having to do any wacky migration stuff and brave a frozen wasteland just to hatch an egg.


What a cute little guy!