Stranger Alert at North Beach Elementary

North Beach Elementary School (map) has issued a warning to parents about a stranger who has been hanging out around campus.  Some parents forwarded an email (seen below) from the school to MyBallard.

Today (Tuesday), the Caucasian man, about 5’6”, scruffy beard, brown hair, riding a shiny, red bicycle, approached a child while with her family, asking if she would like a toy out of his box.  The parents of course intervened.  Parents came to office and were instructed to call police. Police were called and did not come because the man was gone.

After lunch was over, a student reported running to the fence to retrieve a ball when the bell rang.  The man (who was on the other side of the fence) asked him a question about how to get in the building at night.  Families from North Beach have also had this man near their homes or on their porch.

The principal at North Beach says security from Seattle Schools is aware of this man, who also matches the description of a man hanging out near Loyal Heights School.  Staff at North Beach is said to be on “red alert,” and parents are asked to use all necessary precautions when dropping off their children.

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  1. You must have been one of the 3 that weren't. Yes it's usually a family member we should lock those ones up and throw away the key too.

  2. Yes, 3 at the school. I am concerned, don't get me wrong. But getting the whole school in a tizzy over one mentally challenged guy is not the way to talk to kids about the EVERYDAY issues strangers face, at school, parks, w/in FAMILY.

    Family is where most molestation, kidnapping, etc occurs. Not from some 'stranger'. I worry we are misdirecting energy, and accusing a so far innocent man. NOt the focus.

  3. ballardbitty- thanks for the breath of fresh air and common sense. i, too, am a nb parent and am taking this situation very seriously. it's important, however, not to burn anyone at the stake at the moment.

    this has been another opportunity to revisit important “talks” with our children, and also to remind them of the constant dangers out there….regardless of where you are and what neighborhood you live in.

    the school/staff have done a wonderful job handling the situation- and please don't knock our men/women in blue on this. have any of you worked in law enforcement, or volunteered at a dispatch center? i have. trust me…they're doing their jobs and also happen to be quite busy dealing with the massive gang and burglary problems in our beautiful city and immediate neighborhood.

    keep your eyes open and stay safe.

    unfortunately, it's not against the law to talk to children, etc. no matter how creepy the situation may be.

  4. So because he may be retarded, he should get a pass? Being retarded doesn't make him any less of a threat.

    “Family is where most molestation, kidnapping, etc occurs. Not from some 'stranger'.”

    Well, actually from both, and being married to someone who was violently raped by a stranger, I get to call 'bull' on all your opinions.

  5. It seems like this conversation has gotten way off track. I think we should leave the diatribes out for a little while, as the primary goal should be the safety of the kids and health of the neighborhood. Does anyone have any additional pertinent information on this guy, such as a more detailed description? Or additional incidents? If this guy s approaching kids and asking them to take toys out of his box, then people should keep an eye out for him, end of story. Nobody's saying they should throw bricks at him. I just heard about this, so if there's anything anyone can report from the safety meeting, that would be wonderful. Thanks!

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