‘BURP’ on Saturday at Ballard Commons Park

Saturday is the first-ever day-long Ballard Urban Picnic (or BURP) at Ballard Commons Park sponsored by the Ballard Chamber of Commerce.

BURP starts at noon with food vendors, a beer garden and live music throughout the day. “We are pretty excited about how well things have come together, especially since we only started planning this in mid-February,” says Beth Williamson Miller, the Executive Director of the Ballard Chamber.

The event wraps up with a viewing of (appropriately) UP (remember this PR stunt by Disney at Edith Macefield’s house?) The movie will start at dusk, which is around 8:30 these days. The screen will be set about five feet off the ground and because of the placement, the best viewing will be from the concrete area so bring your chairs and get comfortable.

Skillet, Parfait Ice Cream, Anita’s Crepes, Veraci Pizza and Dante’s Inferno Dogs will all be serving grub until at least 6 p.m., some will be staying later to make sure the movie crowd gets fed.

Ballard’s own Maritime Pacific Brewing Company will provide beer for the beer garden, which proceeds go to the Ballard Food Bank.

Live music includes Lindsay Fuller, Horace Pickett, Snake Suspenderz, School of Rock – Seattle and Dromenon.

4 comments on “‘BURP’ on Saturday at Ballard Commons Park”

  1. This looks like it would be fun to attend, but I need to wait for the final EIS before I am allowed to go!

  2. Not to worry, Edog, I'm on it. I intend to perform a full Edibility Incredibleness Survey of Skillet and Anita's. Veraci and Dante's are grandfathered in.

  3. Yay! I don't have to cook on Saturday!!! Not that I ever really do, of course ….

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